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Interactive Flash maps

Bikeway and pathway map

Pathways and Bikeways map
Walking and cycling are the most popular activities on our city's pathways which people of all ages enjoy for exercise, recreation and/or commuting to and from work or school. With the diverse and multi-use pathway system, it is important to know all the safety rules of the pathways.


Mapping products and solutions

Map Search
The City of Calgary provides extensive custom and standard mapping solutions for your organization's needs. From digital aerial surveys to consulting services, computer assisted drafting, and data base management, the City's offers a value-added geospatial products for your organization.


Facilities and service locator

The Facilities & Services interactive eMap
The Facilities & Services interactive map has been improved in several ways, including being easier and faster to use. Use it to find parks, recycling depots, community services and much more.