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Utility Alignment Permits

The City is responsible to manage access to its rights-of-way. There are many demands that exists for the use of The City’s rights-of-way, a limited resource. With numerous interests competing for both short and long-term use of these rights-of-way, it is crucially important that a balance exist where its intended use, present and future, is protected.

In achieving this balance, the City strives to provide streets that safeguard the public and help fulfill the City’s mission, values and objectives. The City assumes the responsibility for managing the use of the rights-of-way, ensuring equitable treatment for all utility providers, while simultaneously ensuring strict compliance to and enforcement of all City bylaws, including but not limited to the Municipal Rights-of-Way Bylaw 17M2016 (270KB).

The City has developed comprehensive guidelines to outline the requirements for shallow utility provider’s (i.e. ENMAX, ATCO, Shaw, Telus, Rogers, Bell, etc.) to work in, on and above The City’s rights-of-way and to provide for the efficient review of permit applications. View the ROW Bylaw Guidelines (7.75MB)

This document brings together a broad section of many industry practices that utility provider’s already follow while working in City rights-of-way. These guidelines will help The City satisfy its role as custodian of The City’s rights-of-way and allow greater safety, accuracy and environmental compliance when working within The City’s rights-of-way. 




NOTE: This system requires a myID Business Account.

Please contact prior to submitting a paper application to determine if it is an acceptable application type.

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