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Affordable Housing Citizens Perception Survey results

Affordable Housing Citizens Perception Survey
We wanted to know and you told us your thoughts on affordable housing in Calgary. In a telephone survey conducted in October and November 2012, The City called upon citizens to answer a number of different questions about affordable non-marketing rental

housing – subsidized housing for low- and moderate-income Calgarians to rent at below typical Calgary rent rates. We asked questions about attitudes, benefits, support for and concerns about affordable housing to 500 randomly sampled Calgarians.
And the results were overwhelmingly positive. 


Calgarians overwhelmingly agree that affordable housing initiatives are an important element in establishing dynamic, diverse and strong communities. By providing safe homes that meet individual needs without placing excessive stress on the household budget, The City gives individuals of all cultures, ethnic backgrounds and income levels a fair chance to advance and contribute to society.

Calgarians expressed encouraging views about The City’s efforts to develop affordable low- and moderate income geared rental housing in Calgary, with 93 per cent of Calgarians saying it is important for all Calgarians, regardless of income level, to have access to rental housing that does not result in significant financial stress to their households. And 84 per cent support affordable rental housing being developed within 15 minutes walking distance from their homes.

Calgarians appreciate that having affordable rental housing available for low- and moderate-income individuals and families is a benefit to the city. They recognize that affordable rental housing ensures that a larger pool of employees is available within the city’s workforce and that Calgary is diverse and a better place to live.
Other notable highlights from this survey include:
  • Most Calgarians expect there to be diversity in their neighbourhoods, including affordable rental housing
  • 72 per cent of Calgarians strongly or somewhat agreed that their neighbourhoods should include affordable rental housing.
  • 77 per cent of Calgarians support affordable housing being developed in their community and 71 per cent support it being developed on their block or street. 
  • Calgarians want to The City to directly engage citizens through consultation when The City develops affordable rental housing in their community (87 per cent) and when it is in multi-unit residential buildings (92 per cent). 
  • Many Calgarians (82 per cent) are aware that The City of Calgary is involved in affordable rental housing.
  • 75% are satisfied with what The City does to ensure citizens who need affordable housing have access to it and that The City demonstrates leadership in ensuring that all citizens have access to housing that they can afford (75 per cent).