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Bridgeland Affordable Housing Development

The City of Calgary Office of Land Servicing & Housing (OLSH) is proposing 24 units of affordable housing in two buildings of stacked town homes to be located on City-owned land in Bridgeland (816 McDougall Rd N.E.). All units will have ground floor entrances on McDougall Road or along the north and eastern sides of the site. Main floor patios will be street oriented.
This development will provide affordable rental housing to individuals and families living on low to middle incomes that cannot afford market-value rental housing. Rents are set according to a mixed income model that generates enough rental income to maintain the financial sustainability of the building. This development supports Council’s strategy to make affordable housing available to all citizens of Calgary.  
rendering sept 2015

Whats New?

In January, 2016, the Office of Land Servicing and Housing (OLSH) received a building permit from the Planning department. Construction will begin in late January 2016 and is expected to be complete by Q2 2017.
bridgeland development process

Development Permit application submission highlights

site map
During the development of the concept plan, OLSH explored several ideas to address the community’s requests to maximize density in the area, reduce the amount of parking contained on-site and to provide community programmable space. Throughout the process, OLSH consistently balanced the communities’ ideas with OLSH’s requirements of a timely build and working within the constraints of a modest construction budget. Submission highlights include:
  • Providing 24 units of affordable housing in two buildings of stacked town homes and consist of studios, one bedroom units on the lower floor, and two and three bedroom units on the upper levels;
  • A molok waste and recycling system, which is a partially covered underground containment system at the back of the site
  • Relocating parking back on site as a result of enhanced barrier-free parking requirements for provincially funded buildings and the Alberta Traffic Safety Act requirement that limits reversed angled parking;
  • Preserving as many existing mature trees as possible to act as a screen to shield the parking lot and minimize the visual impact; and
  • Creating a green connection, or “woonerf” enabling pedestrians, cyclists and parking traffic to coexist while bringing the community together and connecting the open space at the base of the 7th Street stairs through the site to McDougall Road.

OLSH Affordable Housing has very limited budgets with tight restrictions on how the funds can be used. Parking represents one of the most costly amenities we provide. For this reason, OLSH tries to locate its housing close to transit, schools, retail and employment services, and look for opportunities to provide parking commensurate with that which is actually used.

A number of alternative parking configurations including reverse angled on street parking were explored. None proved better able to satisfy the conflicting requirements of minimizing the visual impact to the community, maintaining historical access to the neighbouring property’s rear driveway, adhering to the Alberta Traffic Safety Act and meeting the enhanced barrier-free parking requirements for provincially funded buildings than the solution we have included. 

Concept Plan & Public Engagement

In December, OLSH hosted an Open House and online survey to share the proposed building concepts with the community and gather feedback on each design concept. All of the feedback we received from the Open House and Survey is available below:
We encourage you to check this website often as we will update it as the Bridgeland project progresses.

Check out the frequently asked questions for this project, or share your comments by contacting the Project Manager, Susan Sanderson directly.