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Rosedale Affordable Housing Development

The City of Calgary is proposing eight lots (areas marked in red on the map below) in the community of Rosedale be developed as affordable housing. These lots are adjacent to the 16th Avenue sound wall and are remnant lots resulting from the expansion of 16th Avenue between 4th Street and 10th Street NW. Two affordable housing units per site, stacked one above the other, would provide for a total of 16 units.


Rosedale aerial view
Rosedale aerial view

This development will provide affordable rental housing to individuals and families living on low to middle incomes that cannot afford market-value rental housing. Rents are set according to a mixed income model that generates enough rental income to maintain the financial sustainability of the building. This development supports Council's strategy to make affordable housing available to all citizens of Calgary.

Listed below are the addresses of the eight sites:
         1636 9 Street NW
         1636 7A Street NW
         1636 6A Street NW
         1631 4A Street NW
         1636 8 Street NW
         1635 6A Street NW
         1636 6 Street NW
         1636 4A Street NW
All eight lots have the same Direct Control land-use designation DC43Z2007 that was approved in 2007 through the land use redesignation and community consultation process. This designation is based upon the RC-1 land use that covers most of the community of Rosedale, with the following clarifications:
  1. A secondary suite that does not exceed 70.0 square meters (753 ft2) is allowed as an accessory dwelling unit,
  2. Building setback from the North property line cannot exceed 0.6 meters, and can be 0.0 meters,
  3. Building height is a minimum 4.0 meters to the eave line and a maximum of 10.0 meters,
  4. Parcel coverage is a maximum of 75 per cent, and

Community Engagement

We have been actively engaging with residents for more than a year to ensure residents' views are included in our Report to Council and taken into consideration as part of the decision-making process.

The community engagement process included:

March 2015 Community Association Meeting
March 2015 Back to the Community
June 2015 Association Meeting
Sept 2015 to Feb 2015 Planning/Sound wall Discussions - Updates through Rosedale Planning
April 2016 Community Association Meeting
April/May Individual Street Engagement
May 2016 Community Association Meeting
June 2016 Report Back to Community
June 2016 Annual General Meeting

Thank you to everyone who participated in the process! Your input has been valuable and will be included in our Report to the Land Asset Strategy Committee in July and Council in September. Should Council approve this project, a new round of design development engagement will provide opportunities to comment on the built form and design options.

While the preliminary community engagement process is now complete, we are happy to add any new comments that have not yet been included in the report prior to the final submission of July 7. Please contact Susan Sanderson, Project Manager, Affordable Housing Group, Calgary Housing Email: Phone: 403.268.3230