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Rosedale Affordable Housing Development

We are developing up to 16 affordable housing units on eight lots adjacent to the 16th Avenue sound wall in Rosedale.

As part of the preliminary design work, geotechnical work is scheduled for April 12th and 13th, 2017. The work involves ground drilling on City property to get sub-surface information and extract soil samples. Some noise and minor vibration is expected.


Rosedale aerial view
The eight lots used for the 16 affordable housing units are marked in red in this aerial view image.

In 2017, we’re also working to achieve the following project milestones:

  • Select architects through a Request for Proposals (RFP) process - spring
  • Host workshops for the architect(s) and Rosedale residents to work together on design concepts - spring
  • Display the final designs online for community viewing - summer
  • Start construction - fall/winter

City Council approved a $3.96 million budget for the development in September 2016.

Once construction and landscaping are complete, we’ll transfer ownership to Calgary Housing Company (CHC) for occupancy, management and maintenance.


Community consultation and communication


In addition to several meetings with the Rosedale Community Association, we began community engagement with the neighbours closest to the properties in spring 2016. We presented their comments and gathered additional feedback at the June 2016 CA meeting. Please see the What We Heard report and Frequently Asked Questions document for residents’ comments, more detail on the engagement process prior to Council approval and information about the development.


We attended the Community Association’s February meeting where we shared information about the RFP for architect(s) and gave preliminary notice about the design workshops we’ll be scheduling for this spring. We also submitted a project update to the April 2017 edition of the Rosedale Reporter.

Rosedale location

Building affordable housing in Rosedale meets land opportunites and household needs: 

  • The land is already owned by The City and appropriately zoned
  • Lot sizes will accommodate units similar in size to other affordable housing developments
  • Public transit, groceries, school and other services (banking, medical etc.) are within walking distance
  • The new units will help reduce CHC’s affordable housing waitlist
  • Affordable housing is an integral part of complete communities and one of seven goals identified in Calgary’s Municipal Development Plan

Additional detail on the development’s alignment with City goals and policies, as well as the initial engagement process, is available in the materials presented to the Land and Asset Strategy Committee (item 3.1) on July 28, 2016 and City Council on Sept. 12, 2016 (item 11.3.1). Click on the item headings to call up the supporting materials.

We also welcome you to learn more about affordable housing and our Corporate Affordable Housing Strategy, 2016-2025, developed to address the critical gap in housing supply for low and moderate-income Calgarians. 

Please contact Susan Sanderson, Project Manager, Affordable Housing, The City of Calgary Email: Phone: 403.268.3230