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Wildwood Affordable Housing - What We've Heard

The City of Calgary's Office​ of Land Servicing & Housing (OLSH) is proposing construction of an affordable housing development on City-owned land in the Wildwood community. For more information visit the Wildwood affordable housing development page.​

Public Input:

Commercial development and second site survey:

OLSH's online survey that was open from Dec. 5, 2014 to Jan. 14, 2015 requested feedback from the community about the possibility of including commercial space on part of the 4012 Bow Trail S.W. site and developing 16 of the 48 total units on a second site, 4620 Bow Trail.

All of the feedback we received from the survey is available below:

December 2014 Open House:

On December 10, OLSH hosted an Open House to review and gather feedback on the conceptual site and building designs for 4012 Bow Trail S.W. The Open House focused on design reflective of the character of the neighbourhood and design details to address concerns around privacy and safety. All of the feedback we received from the Open House is available below:

Revised proposal and presentation:

OLSH presented the updated concept to the Wildwood Community Association Board. The board shared concerns over safety at 38th street and Bow trail, the density of the building and visual appeal of the design. OLSH will attend the Wildwood community association meeting on November 18 to present the concept to the wider community.

​June 18 Open House:

On June 18, OLSH hosted an Open House to introduce the initial proposal for a 48 unit multi-family affordable housing development and listen to the community's comments on the issues OLSH should consider when creating a final proposal to apply for The City's permits. All of the feedback we have received from the Open House and through follow up emails and website comments are available below:​

Q & A

Many of the comments outlined in the attachments above have similar questions and themes. These themed areas below include questions and responses: