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Wildwood what we've heard - about the development process

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​1. Is an affordable housing development on this site a ‘done deal’? What steps remain in the process?

Currently, this is a proposed project in the early stages of development. Once land is acquired and identified for an affordable housing project, a report is taken to City Council for approval. After approval is received from Council, an initial conversation with the public occurs. For this project, The City received Council approval on March 31, 2014 where we then began to introduce the concept to the Wildwood Planning Committee on May 1 and the Rossarrock Board on May 20. Flyers were delivered to the community on June 10 for an Open House, held at the Wildwood comunity association on June 18. The Open House outlined the high level concept, the need for rezoning the site and heard citizen comments. At this preliminary stage, no decisions have been made on building design. 

Our next steps is to report back what we've heard from the community to date, to answer the questions we are able to at this point, and to introduce the changes we have made to our proposal in response to the community's concern.

2. Where can citizens get more information on this proposal and the process?

To get more information onthis proposal:

To provide feedback on this proposal:

3. What aspects of this project does the community have a say on?

All development projects require approval for land use redesignation, followed by a development permit and building permit. Citizens have the opportunity to comment to Council on the project at the land use redesignation and to the planning department at the development permit stage.

The proposed building form that we are considering for the development can accommodate any number of exterior design details which should allow it to integrate within the existing character of the neighbourhood. The discussions around building design will occur with the community at the development stage, which occurs after the land use redesignation.

4. What can be done to make this project more transparent?

Residents have expressed a desire for more communication with The City related to this project.

In response to this feedback, we have posted all comments received at the June Open House and through the community association.

We are currently developing an online engage! portal that will indicate where citizens have opportunities to provide further feedback. We are working with the Wildwood Community Association to help us determine the best way to share information and work with the community at the development stage.

If you are interested in receiving direct updates regarding this project, please subscribe to our Wildwood newsletter.

5. How are residents in neighbouring communities being involved in this process?

Spruce Cliff residents can provide feedback through our Wildwood online feedback form and through our online engage! portal. They can also attend an upcoming Open House once the date for that event is determined.

6. How do citizens who participate know their questions, comments and voices will be heard?

We are committed to reporting back to citizens about what we heard from them. The feedback we have collected from citizens so far has been posted on our Wildwood Affordable Housing Development page.

If we have missed something, please tell us. There will be more opportunities for you to share your input and ask questions. Sharing your input with us will ensure that we get you all the information you need and use your input in making these decisions.

Based on the feedback we have heard to date, we have made significant changes to our proposal and will be sharing this information with the Wildwood Community Association and on the website as soon as possible. 

7. Could this land be sold and less expensive land used?

City-owned land is typically the most cost-effective for affordable housing. We use the same criteria as private sector multi-family developers to identify appropriate sites for affordable housing developments. Some of these criteria include access to transportation, schools, parks and amenities and the Wildwood location fit all of these criteria.​