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Wildwood - what we've heard about the potential building

About the feasibility of commercial

1. Could this proposal include residential and commercial space?

We have heard from residents that a commercial component is desirable and we are investigating the feasibility of this. It will require Council, The City's Planning department and development process approval as well as community support.

About design

1. Would this potential building design be pedestrian friendly and visually appealing as the gateway to the neighbourhood?

Pedestrian friendly design including active streetscapes is part of the mandate we provide to our design teams. At this stage, we have not created a building design. A sample design, under construction in Kingsland, was presented at the June 18 Open House to illustrate what similarly sized buildings might look like but no decisions have been made about the building's design.

2. How does the potential building design consider future tenants? Does this design work for them?

The building is designed in tandem with our client, Calgary Housing Company. They provide input on what their future tenants require from the building design. We also review the design of completed buildings with tenants to identify details that work well and those that can be improved. In the past, we have successfully incorporated feedback from tenants into our building design. For example, we have had success working with tenants with specific accessibility requirements redesigning our units based on their suggestions.

3. Why does it need to be a multi-story building? Could it have fewer units?

Our proposed design limits the building to three storeys and is less than 10 meters high which fits within the height requirement that currently exists on all adjacent properties in the area. The size of the site was chosen because it can house 48 units and meet The City's planning requirements for landscaping and open space, which all other neighbouring properties and the majority of the community of Wildwood also adhere to. The maximum number of residents would be 156 people, and this would only occur if each of the bedrooms in each of the units contained two people.

4. Can mature trees be used in the landscaping of the building?

Yes, we can look into using mature trees – mature trees are also a design feature and technique to help with privacy issues.

 About maintenance

1. What would be the process of maintenance and operations of this proposed building?

Once constructed, Calgary Housing Company (CHC), a wholly owned subsidiary of The City of Calgary, will manage the building. CHC will work with their tenants and the surrounding community to create and maintain a safe, secure and well-managed property.​ 

We invite residents to visit our other recent developments that are operated under a mixed income model to see how well they are being maintained.

  • MacPherson Place in Bridgeland (The Bridges) – 925 MacPherson Road NE
  • Vida in Mount Pleasant – 334 17th Avenue NW
  • Treo iN Montreaux – 168 St. Moritz Drive SW
  • Lomond in Highland Park – 3401 Centre Street NW

2. How would this building be compared to nearby Shagganappi Village and its maintenance? Are there any plans for Shagganappi Village in light of this new proposal?

When we get to a design stage we would commit to a secure, enclosed waste facility that would only be accessible by tenants. Regarding Shagganappi Village, Councillor Woolley and the Calgary Housing Company are exploring new programs and infrastructure to address some of the current concerns/issues.​