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Wildwood what we've heard - impact on neighbours and community

1. What are the risks or impact to the current community with a proposed building like this?

The availability of housing to all Calgarians is an important component of safe, diverse, viable and complete communities. Complete communities reflect a range of housing options including affordable housing. A range of housing is necessary for economic and social reasons in order to attract a workforce and enhance the safety, health and well-being of residents.

2. How will this affect land values?

Literature reviews from the Journal of Planning Studiesthe National Association of Realtors and the Real Estate Board from Greater Vancouver examine the relationship between the proximity to affordable housing and property values generally indicate that property values are not significantly impacted. The Wildwood development is anticipated to have no negative impact on adjacent property values because Wildwood is a healthy and vibrant community. The introduction of a single well designed and quality built multi-family development on the edge of the community will not change the character of the neighbourhood. A development of 48 units does not constitute an unhealthy concentration of units and the management of the property by Calgary Housing Company will be responsive to any problems or concerns that may arise.

3. How would safety be impacted? What would be done to provide a safe environment for Wildwood residents or future building residents?

Design techniques like active streetscapes, eyes on the street and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (C.P.T.E.D.) will enhance the safe living environment.

4. Can the current infrastructure (power, water, sewer) support a development like this?

Yes. There is currently appropriate infrastructure in place to support the proposed development.

5. Would this site meet the needs of families who would live there in terms of having access to green space and play space for children? How could this potential building enhance the walkability of Wildwood?

The City’s Land Use Bylaw specifically outlines the requirements for landscaped space in a development. Splitting the development into three buildings allows us to provide more open space as compared to a single continuous block-like structure. Our proposal meets the required amount of land that must be devoted to landscaping for the lot. The community also has substantial park space within walking distance of the site that is accessible to all residents of Wildwood.

We believe our proposal will satisfy the guidelines around positive visual effects and relationship with the local community. Design techniques like active streetscapes, eyes on the street and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (C.P.T.E.D.) will lead to a safe living environment.

We engaged well-respected architectural firms that design private sector multi-family developments to ensure that our properties incorporate similar design details and are indistinguishable from private sector developments.

6. Will potential future residents be able to access recreation opportunities?

Yes, like adjacent neighbours, residents can access City recreation facilities in the area. The proposed development does not include added recreational facilities.

7. Will other services be available such as daycare?

The current proposal is for a 48-unit, multi-family residential construction. It does not include additional day care facilities.​

8. How will the proposed development integrate with the current scale and character of the neighbourhood?

The proposed building form that we are considering for the development can accommodate any number of exterior design details which should allow it to integrate within the existing character of the neighbourhood. The discussions around building design will occur with the community at the development stage, which follows after the land use redesignation stage.