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Wildwood Affordable Housing Development

A report in March 2014 was taken to City Council outlining the site at 4012 Bow Trail S.W. as an appropriate, viable, and cost effective site for an affordable housing project and received approval. This is a required first step for the project as all City-owned land requires Council approval for the intended use ​​prior to speaking with the community. 

What's New

Development update: Environmental Assessment Report
As part of the land-use and development permit process for 4012 Bow Trail S.W., The City hired an independent engineering firm to provide a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) for review by The City’s Planning Department. The final report was received November 2, 2015 and identified the presence of tetrachloroethene (commonly known as PCE) in one location on the site. The report also indicated the source of the substance was off-site. As required, within 24 hours of receiving the final report, The City notified Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) who will determine the facts and identify whether this contamination poses an environmental risk to the community. 

The Development Permit process includes a review of the environmental reports for a site. OLSH has submitted the report to be included as part of that review. Our next development steps will be determined upon receipt of Planning’s comments.
The environmental assessment report is available below.
  • For all questions regarding the impact on the development project please contact Senior Project Manager, Lee Prevost, directly.
  • For information related to Alberta Environment and Park's role, please contact 780-310-3773.



Land-use Designation Approval

The revised land-use application was approved by Council at Council's Public Hearing on September 14, 2015. Steaming video and minutes from the Public Hearing are available at

The revised land-use application was submitted to Planning in March 2015 and re-designated the entire site to MC-2 to accommodate the development of 48 stacked townhomes and limit the building height to 10 meters. On June 18, the revised land-use application was approved by Calgary Planning Commission (CPC).

Development update: 48 units
In June 2015, The Office of Land Servicing & Housing (OLSH) submitted the development permit to The City's Planning department. During this time, The Planning department circulates the development permit with the Wildwood Community Association. Residents can make comments on the plans by contacting the Wildwood Community Association.
All the feedback OLSH recieved from the engagement with the community is available on our What we've heard page.

How can citizens share feedback and stay up-to-date?

We encourage you to share your feedback with us.  You can do so in a number of ways including: 

What are the general development project timelines?


In March a report was taken to City Council outlining the site at 4012 Bow Trail S.W. as an appropriate, viable, and cost effective site for an affordable housing project and received approval.  This first step is required as all City-owned projects requires Council approval for the intended use prior to engaging with the community. 
Once this was completed, The City met with the Wildwood Community Association Planning Committee, the Rosscarrock Community Association Board of Directors, and several discussions with the President of the Spruce Cliff Community Association.  The purpose of these discussions was to talk about the need for rezoning the site (formerly called a land use redesignation) – which is the first stage of the development process for this site.
On June 18, The City hosted an open house to introduce the proposed affordable housing multi-family development and listened to the communities comments. All of the feedba ck received at the open house, through follow up emails and website comments are posted here​.
All development projects require approval for land use redesignation, development permit and building permit. Citizens can comment to Council on the project at the land use redesignation and to the planning department at the development permit stage.
Once constructed, Calgary Housing Company (a wholly owned subsidiary of The City of Calgary) will manage the building. CHC will work with their tenants and the surrounding community to create and maintain a safe, secure and well-managed property.​ 
For general background visit housing to learn more about the affordable housing continuum, affordability gap, need for affordable housing and development and design guidelines.​​