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Secondary suite grant process

​The Secondary Suite Grant Program funding is fully committed. New applications are not being accepted.  

The ten steps to obtaining a secondary suite grant:

  1. Download and read the Secondary Suite information package
  2. Know your land use. Visit to find your land use. For a list of land uses that allow for secondary suites, download A Guide to Developing Secondary Suites. You must have the right land use to proceed with the Secondary Suites Grant Program. Questions? Call the Planning Services Support Centre at 268-5311.
  3. Review the Secondary Suites Pre-Application information which includes necessary information on the Development & Building Approvals, Building Regulations and the Office of Land Servicing & Housing processes.
  4. After reviewing the Secondary Suites Pre-Application information, if you’re still interested, fill out, sign and submit your application form to the address indicated on the form. Please note that estimates and proof of your ability to finance the development of your suite, are required. 
  5. If your application is complete, program staff will advise that you’re conditionally accepted into the program.
  6. You should then apply for a Development Permit. Once the Development Permit is released, you are fully accepted into the grant program.
  7. You can receive your first installment of the grant after all relevant permits are issued (development permit, building permit, electrical/plumbing/gas/mechanical permits) to cover a portion of the permit costs and the associated design drawings. If the development permit is not obtained, your eligible incurred costs are forgiven and the grant agreement is terminated.
  8. The second installment of the grant is issued anytime after the first grant payment and before the third and final grant payment. 
  9. Once construction is complete, and relevant inspections have been completed (plumbing, electrical, gas, mechanical), and the Building Permit has been signed off by The City, contact Grant Program staff to schedule a final inspection.  20 per cent of the total grant funding is held until final inspection. Final payment is not made until final inspection of the suite is approved by the Grant Program inspector.  
  10. You must submit proof of rental insurance for your suite and a copy of the tenancy agreement.