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Creating affordable housing options

For its part, The City has committed to creating affordable and safe housing that meets the needs of Calgarians. Safe and appropriate affordable housing benefits the entire community – socially, economically and environmentally. The Affordable Housing division of the Office of Land Servicing & Housing is tasked with delivering affordable housing units and is guided by the principle:

"To deliver housing solutions that foster complete communities and a vibrant city; that address the housing affordability gap; and that achieve social, environmental and economic excellence.

Below is our model of a comprehensive approach to affordable housing including Enterprise Housing Program, Partnership principles and Policy role.

Comprehensive affordable housing approach
Comprehensive affordable housing approach

The Enterprise Housing Program is an umbrella capital program that delivers units through the buy/build/partner approach as well as the creation of financial incentives. The program encourages the private and non-profit sectors to develop non-market and entry level market rental and home ownership in Calgary. Current housing development projects.

Partnership principles were developed to outline how The City of Calgary evaluates potential affordable housing partners and their projects with an aim of providing Council with objective information regarding requests for municipal participation in requests to partner.. There are separate applications for Partner evaluation and the Project evaluation; the process is outlined in the Partner Applic​​ation process You can also preview the  partner application forms package and project application forms package​. To to fill out interactive versions of these forms, please email  

The Policy role of the Affordable Housing Section is a key role that supports the delivery of units by developing programs and policies through which the Enterprise Housing Program will be implemented. We collaborate with other stakeholders to develop effective policies and programs that support the creation of non-market and entry-level market permanent housing.

Affordable Housing Development and Design Guidelines​ is an example of a policy initiative.

The City also actively responds and provides recommendations to Provincial and Federal budgets, as well as other advocacy initiatives. ​​​​​

Affordable housing update report​​​​​​​