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Sunnyside Triangle Site


Photo Credit Phillippe Clairo

The City of Calgary plans to develop its Sunnyside Triangle Site with a mixed-use development, including affordable and mixed-market housing. We are asking the community for their input as we plan for the redevelopment of this ​​site.
Share your input about Sunnyside Triangle Site
Triangle Timeline
From fall 2015 to spring 2016, the community can help shape the future of the Sunnyside Triangle Site. We are currently looking for community insights into the question:
In addition to affordable housing and mix-market housing, what kinds of activities would you like to see  happen on the Sunnyside Triangle Site?
 What's happening now?
The City is writing a combined report to Council that will talk about the feasibility of developing affordable housing on the site and lay out a process designed to identify developers who share in the vision for affordable housing and mixed market housing on the Triangle site
  • The “What We Heard Report” (see below) will be an appendix to the Council report to ensure Council is aware of the community’s ideas for the site.
The Planning Context
Plans to develop the Triangle Site will align with key planning initiatives that have come before. The Triangle Site exists along what is known as the “Bow to Bluff” corridor. The Bow to Bluff project is an independent, citizen-led initiative focused on transforming this public corridor along the Northwest LRT line between the Bow River and McHugh Bluff into a great public space. Resulting from an extensive and award-winning engagement process, the Bow to Bluff Urban Design Framework provides an overarching, long-term, citizen-centered vision and functional framework to guide future development throughout the Bow to Bluff corridor.
In addition to Bow to Bluff, the Hillhurst/Sunnyside Area Redevelopment Plan provides policy direction for development of the Triangle Site. Area Redevelopment Plans (A.R.P.s) are planning documents, adopted by By-law, which set out a comprehensive program of land use policies and other planning proposals that help to determine and guide the future of individual communities within the City.
As the project proceeds and development scenarios are explored in early 2016, these guiding documents will provide direction on potential development forms. Development scenarios will form the basis of the conversation with the community during the second phase of engagement on this project.
About the Office of Land Servicing and Housing
The Office of Land Serving and Housing develops and sells City-owned land. Our goals are to create vibrant communities, attract diverse and quality employers, support the development of affordable housing, and fund the purchase of land needed for future infrastructure.
Affordable Housing at The City of Calgary
The Affordable Housing division within the Office of Land Servicing and Housing (OLSH) works with Calgary communities, provincial and federal governments, non-profit agencies and private developers to create affordable housing solutions.
The Affordable Housing division of OLSH is tasked with delivering affordable housing units and is guided by the principle: To deliver housing solutions that foster complete communities and a vibrant city; that address the housing affordability gap; and that achieve social, environmental and economic excellence

Council Policy:
Council Poicy
Calgary City Council’s objective is to provide affordable housing in all Calgary communities. We are currently building in the communities of Crescent Heights and Kingsland and Council recently approved sites in Wildwood and Bridgeland.
Why are we here?
The City of Calgary owns the vacant triangle site and intends to develop, in the future, a mixed-market and affordable housing complex.  Plans and funding for a future development are not confirmed at this time so there are no immediate plans to build on the site. However, the site is designated for affordable housing and the Hillhurst/Sunnyside Area Redevelopment Plan supports the creation of a family-oriented and affordable housing development on this City owned property.
The City is committed to creating more affordable housing units – providing real hope to Calgarians who are facing housing challenges. By 2020, The City will enable affordable housing choices, targeting 600-800 new units in new and established communities.  A development in Hillhurst/Sunnyside will help The City move forward with its efforts to include affordable housing in all communities in Calgary and will assist in creating housing choices for everyone in our city.
The City of Calgary has agreed to lease the space to the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association until late 2016.  The space will be open to the public, with opportunity for some event programming.
Why do we need this?
 In Our City:
· Approximately 3,400 households are on the Calgary Housing Company (CHC) wait list
· Calgary’s population will increase in 2015 by Approx. 30,000 people
               - 18% require affordable housing
               - That is 5,400 people/year
Mixed-Income Model
To help our tenants gain access to rental housing, Calgary Housing Company uses a mixed-income model for its rent rate structure. This model integrates rents that are close to market rates with rents that are more deeply subsidized. This inclusionary approach to housing enables a range of households to afford rental housing.
The mixed-income model also helps to ensure the operational sustainability of our buildings.
Allocation of Rental Rates
Monthly Rent - Based on market rental rate of $1000/month:
~ 30% at market rental rates 
~ 30% at moderately subsidized rental rates
~ 30% at deeply subsidized rental rates 
The need for affordable housing is consistent over time. In Calgary, this need has been recorded at approximately 18% of all households since 1991.
Our Design Guidelines - When we design our affordable housing buildings, we consider the following guidelines:
  • Defined Entrances/Interactive Streetscapes -The creation of distinct and inviting entrances and attractive landscaping adds to the residential feel of the surrounding neighbourhood.
  • Built Form - The City aims to incorporate creative, advanced, contemporary designs that compliment the community.
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) - CPTED enhances safety through the physical design of space and encourages positive social interaction. For example, CPTED encourages an active streetscape, the use of good lighting, the proper placement of windows and doors, and creating clear sight lines.
 Why is Calgary Housing Company Involved?
Once completed, Calgary Housing Company (CHC) operates and manages our buildings. CHC is a wholly owned subsidiary of The City of Calgary. They operate and manage over 6,000 affordable rental housing units across the city. CHC also provides tenants with rent supplements for approximately 3,000 market rental housing units.
Who are our tenants?
Our tenants represent a broad range of Calgarians that include families, couples, singles, students and seniors. They can be employed as administrative assistants, recreation and childcare workers, postal workers, taxi drivers, sales clerks and restaurant servers. However, their household incomes are not sufficient enough to rent in the private market.​​​​​​