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The Management Real Estate Review Committee (MRER)

Committee Mandate

The Management Real Estate Review Committee reviews and considers proposed transactions related to the acquisition, disposition, or occupation of real property and other matters related to The City’s real property. City Council has delegated authority to this committee to approve real estate transactions as outlined in the Real Property Bylaw (52M2009). In addition to approving these real estate transactions, the committee monitors on-going real estate activities and provides real estate expertise and guidance to The City of Calgary.

Committee Composition 

The Management Real Estate Review Committee is comprised of:
  • General Manager, Deputy City Manager's Office
  • Director, Real Estate & Development Services
  • Manager, Land
  • Coordinator, Real Estate Sales & Marketing
  • Coordinator, Real Estate Operations
  • Coordinator, Leasing
  • Coordinator, Land Administration
  • Finance Team Lead, Real Estate & Development Services
  • City Solicitor

Summary of Land Sales, Acquisitions and Occupations