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Midfield Mobile Home Park (MMHP)

The Midfield Mobile Home Park (MMHP) is located at 954-16 Ave N.E. on approximately 17 acres of land owned by The City of Calgary (The City).  Mobile homes on the site are owned by private citizens (tenants) who rent the land on which their mobile home is located from The City, Calgary Housing Company (CHC) or Calhome Properties.  CHC has maintained and operated Midfield over the years.

The water and sewer pipelines at Midfield are now 40 plus years old and numerous repairs have been required in recent years.  The soil conditions are accelerating the corrosion of the pipes beyond what is typical, particularly the joints in the system.  It is expected that the number of required repairs will continue to increase each year until further repair is no longer feasible and full replacement of water and sewer pipelines is the only option.  It is very difficult to access both the water and sanitary lines because they run directly underneath the mobile homes and because mobiles are tightly spaced, often with additional improvements (such as decks, fences and sheds) or trees located between the sites.  In order to repair or replace the water and sewer pipelines it is necessary to remove the mobile homes.  These ongoing water and sewer pipeline failures have become costly and frequent for The City to repair and result in challenges for the residents. 

On May 27, 2014, Midfield tenants were informed that Calgary City Council (Council) came to the difficult decision to close Midfield on September 30, 2017.

Current status

Council and Administration understand and sincerely appreciate that the closure of Midfield is not easy.  To assist with the move from Midfield and help make other housing arrangements, The City is offering special support through the Midfield Closure Program.

The Midfield Closure Program provides all Midfield residents with access to free social service support provided through Homewood Human Solutions.  In addition, Midfield tenants, who have signed tenancy agreement with CHC, Calhome Properties or The City, and who meet certain eligibility requirements, will have access to two payments: one payment to help cover some of the costs to remove their mobile home from Midfield, and a second lump sum payment.


Closing Midfield and using the lands for a purpose other than a mobile home park aligns with numerous City planning documents including the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and the Calgary Transportation Plan (CTP).

In addition, Council approved the Winston Heights/Mountview Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) which recommends that the Midfield lands be redeveloped as a mixed use commercial, office and residential development, including affordable housing.  The ARP identifies this site as a landmark entryway for the 16 Avenue Corridor and proposes an architecturally significant development that compliments its topography and location.  The Midfield lands are currently zoned as C-COR2 (Commercial Corridor 2 District) under Land Use Bylaw 1P2007, which does not provide for a mobile home park.

Program Contacts

Midfield Closure Program, general information: 403-268-8969

Calgary Housing Company: 403-277-7356


​1968-1969 Midfield was developed by Richfield Development Corporation on land leased from The City. 
​1973 Richfield Development Corporation turned the operation and management of Midfield over to The City.  The City’s former Land Department (later called Corporate Properties & Buildings) was originally in charge of Midfield. 
​2001 Calgary Housing Company assumed operations and management of Midfield on behalf of The City.

Over the last 10 years, Administration has engaged and informed Midfield tenants of the status of the water and sewer pipelines and direction from Council.   Several open houses and information sessions were held with tenants to provide detailed information and also to obtain feedback on the possible options being evaluated by Administration and Council.

2005​ Information session for Midfield tenants was held by the Ward Alderman Joe Cerci and Administration (Corporate Properties & Buildings) to present information about the condition of the water and sewer pipelines, three general approaches to address the water and sewer pipeline problems, and to respond to tenants’ questions.
2006 After further analysis, Administration and Alderman Joe Ceci presented six options to address the water and sewer pipelines challenge to Midfield tenants
2007 Council directed Administration to inform tenants of the closure of Midfield in approximately five years, to continue the repair of pipelines on an as required basis and to develop a relocation strategy for Midfield tenants.
2008 Council directed Administration to acquire a site for a new mobile home park, conduct a detailed feasibility analysis, and initiate the redevelopment of Midfield following the closure and relocation of tenants.
2010 A new City Council was elected and in 2011 the new Council directed Administration to re-evaluate the Go Forward Strategy to ensure all possible factors were considered and examined.
2014 Council approved plans to close Midfield and not pursue construction of a new mobile home park at East Hills Estates.
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