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FAQs for Property Sales Inquiry

To inquire about city-owned properties for sale, please read the FAQs and then click the link below

Property Sales Inquiry


  1. How do I find out if City land is for sale?

    All properties and lands available for sale are listed on the City of Calgary Real Estate website.

  2. What if the property I am interested in is City owned but is not listed on the City of Calgary Real Estate website?

    If you are interested in a property that is not listed for sale on the City of Calgary Real Estate website, or if you are interested in purchasing City land that is adjacent to a property you own, you can complete and submit a 311 Property Sales Inquiry.

  3. What happens after my "Property Sales Inquiry" is submitted?

    You will hear from a City representative within seven business days of submitting a Property Sales Inquiry online. They will confirm that the Property Sales Inquiry was received and to inform you of the next steps. If required, additional information may be requested.

  4. What kind of information is important for me to include on the Property Sales Inquiry?

    Including the information below will assist us in doing a better job of completing your request:

    • The address and a map (in JPEG format) of the area of the property you are interested in. Our Property Sales Inquiry online tool has a built-in Google Map to locate the address.
    • Type of property options are: Commercial Property, Industrial Property or Residential Property. If you are unsure of the use, leave this section blank
    • Under Additional Comments, include the reason you would like to purchase the property.
    • Please indicate if you own adjacent land.
    • Don’t forget your contact information!

    The information on the Property Sales Inquiry is collected under the authority of section 33 (c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act for the purposes of responding to your inquiry with The City of Calgary. It is protected by the privacy provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

  5. What if I am interested in purchasing in an area without a specific address?

    To submit a property inquiry, you must provide an address, adjacent address or intersection to the area you are interested in. We suggest using public map search engines engines (e.g. Google Map, Bing Map, and MapQuest) available online. You need to have an address, an adjacent address, or intersection with details stating the specific area of interest.


    For Sales please note that:

    • All City-owned land will be sold at market value.
    • After completion of the circulation process, it can take up to six (6) months for the sales team to prepare the file and contact you.
    • If the inquiry is for the purchase of a road, lane or the associated right-of-way, please understand the timeframe, costs and procedures vary significantly. Upon receipt of your inquiry, a member of the Land Asset Management team will contact you with detailed requirements for these types of applications.

    If you have read the information above, click the PROPERTY SALES INQUIRY button below to submit a 311 online service request.

Property Sales Inquiry