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Re-designation of City-owned land in Shaganappi

In October 2015, The City’s Office of Land Servicing & Housing (OLSH) applied to The City’s Planning, Development and Assessment (PDA) department for a land use re-designation of City-owned properties, and to close a portion of 12 Ave. S.W. in the community of Shaganappi.

The properties, which were acquired by The City for construction of the West LRT and Bow Trail widening, are located at the intersection of Bow Trail S.W. and 26 St. S.W., across from the Shaganappi Point C-Train Station. 

The proposal is to re-designate the properties from single family residential land use (R-C2) to multi-residential - medium profile support commercial (M-X2) to uphold the vision for the properties in the November 2014 Council-approved Shaganappi Point Area Redevelopment Plan and the Municipal Development Plan.

Proposed land-use changes will affect the following:

  • 2609 12th Ave. S.W. 
  • 2615 12th Ave. S.W. 
  • 1403 26 St. S.W.
  • The proposed closed portion of 12 Ave. S.W.

graphic location of affected properties

Proposed road closure: 12 Ave. S.W.

In addition to the land-use change, the proposal includes closing a portion of 12 Ave. S.W. permanently and consolidating the area with 2615 and 2609 properties.
Following the road closure, consolidation and re-designation of land use, the properties will be available for sale.Proceeds from the sale will be used to recover costs of the West LRT and Bow Trail widening project. 

Tentative timelines 

  • Oct. 2015 – Submit re-designation application to The City’s PDA department.
  • Nov. 2015-April 2016 – Application review by PDA.
  • May 2016 – Application review by Calgary Planning Commission.
  • July 2016 – Public Hearing and consideration for approval by City Council.
  • Fall 2016 – 12 Ave. S.W. road closure and property consolidation


If you have any questions or comments regarding the re-designation of City-owned land in Shaganappi please contact:
Development and Planning Advisor 
Office of Land Servicing & Housing