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Shawnessy FAQ

1. Why is this land being developed?
2. Who is leading this project?
3. What will this project look like?
4. How will traffic be affected?
5. Will the new development shadow my home?
6. Where can I park now?


Why is this land being developed?

The land is being prepared for development for two key reasons:

An agreement was made to exchange a portion of land in the new development for the land where the Shawnessy LRT Park and Ride is now located; however, the project also supports policies in the MDP that ensure sustainable urban growth.

The project has been approved for mixed-use, medium-density development which includes a combination of residential, office, and retail. This type of development is typically used in transit-oriented development to take advantage of the nearby public transportation hub and reduce the need for personal motor vehicles.

By bringing in new businesses and alternate housing, The City is able to increase the tax base and maintain high quality city services to all residents—a critical initiative of the Build Cal​gary goals.

Who is leading this project?

This is a City of Calgary initiative being led by Real Estate & Development Services (RE&DS).

What will this project look like?

This land development project allows for a mix of multi-family residential, office and retail buildings all to face a new public park that will be built in its centre. Wide, continuous, well-lit sidewalks will run throughout the development.

This site map provides additional detail on the layout of the project.


What has been done to address the traffic that will be generated by this development?


As part of the approval process for the Shawnessy land development, a year-long Transportation Impact Assessment (TIA) was completed. The TIA reviewed existing traffic conditions, forecast future traffic, and identified improvements to manage the anticipated increase.


Those improvements, with the most notable being an upgrade to the intersection on Shawville Boulevard S.E., were started by The City in 2016 and will be completed in 2017.


Proximity to the existing Shawnessy LRT station and bus loop is expected to reduce the need for new residents or employees to use personal motor vehicles.


Will the new development shadow existing homes in the area? How high can they build?

Extensive shadow modelling has been completed to satisfy community concerns about how the new development might block sunlight to neighbouring residences. This modelling has confirmed that, even if buildings are built to the full height permitted in the land use, there is no significant shadowing of the Shawnessy community.


The Land Use for this project allows for a maximum building height of 65 metres (approximately 21 storeys).


Where can I park now that this land is being developed?


Although a number of citizens have been using this site for parking, it was never designated as such, and they will now have to locate alternate, authorized space.

A list of authorized Park and Ride lots can be found on Calgary Transit. Each lot provides a number of reserved and no-payment stalls. No-payment stalls are only available on a first-come basis.