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Anderson Station Transit Oriented Development (TOD)

The vision for Anderson Station transforms an under-utilized development site into a true transit-oriented neighborhood that is integrated into the regional pathway network and provides lifestyle amenities to new residents, employees, and residents of surrounding communities.

The future of Anderson Station


In September 2017, The City of Calgary’s Real Estate and Development Services (RE&DS) business unit submitted an updated Outline Plan and Land Use application to the City of Calgary’s planning department for the lands surrounding the Anderson LRT Station.

Our application includes minor changes to the 2014 plan, including a new bus turnaround location to reduce operational delays, and an improved open space and public realm design to better serve pedestrians and cyclists. Such changes increase the viability of the development to potential buyers.

Anderson Station TOD goes for Planning approval Feb. 22, 2018

The Calgary Planning Commission (CPC) makes recommendations to Council on land use and planning items such as Area Structure Plans, land use designations, and street and lane closures. The commission also responds to any planning-related requests from Council.
Anderson Station Transit Oriented Development (TOD) is going to CPC on Thursday, February 22, 2018. Learn more about The Calgary Planning Commission

Anderson Station Park and Ride Plan

On October 3 2016, City Council approved a new approach for the park and ride stall plan for Calgary Transit users at Anderson Station.
The Anderson Station Park and Ride Plan outlines a revised phasing strategy that would not reduce the number of parking stalls required by C-train users.
This strategy is based on a 2016 study which looked at the where park and ride users come from.
During redevelopment, stall numbers reduced at Anderson Station would be replaced at a future parkade at the Anderson TOD site, other southern Red Line stations and future Green Line LRT stations, resulting in a no net loss of park and ride stalls overall. 
​Anderson Station Park and Ride Supply Summary​
​Phase Number of stalls available at Anderson LRT Total number of stalls being redistributed to other stations Anderson LRT stalls + redistributed stalls Location of redistributed stalls​
​Current ​1665 ​- ​-
​1 ​1380 ​345 1725​
​South Centre Mall 
Canyon Meadows LRT
​2 ​1310 ​370 ​1680​
​South Centre Mall
Canyon Meadows LRT
​3 ​1150 ​515 1665​
​South Centre Mall
Canyon Meadows LRT
Shawnessy LRT
​4 ​1195 ​490 ​1685
​South Centre Mall
Canyon Meadows LRT
Shawnessy LRT
​5* ​500 ​1190 1690​
South Centre Mall
Canyon Meadows LRT
Shawnessy LRT
Lynwood LRT
Douglas Glen LRT 
Shepard LRT
*Phase 5 can begin when Park and Ride stalls on the Green Line are available.
What does this mean for C-train users who currently use the park and ride stalls?
Council approved the Anderson Station Park and Ride Plan to ensure we don’t lose the total number of park and ride spaces used by C-train users. Reducing stalls at Anderson Station and increasing stalls at other C-train locations will be done at the same time to minimize disruption to C-train users.

A note about park and ride stalls at future Green Line stations: Park and ride stalls will remain available at Anderson Station to accommodate C-train riders from Green Line communities until the Green Line stations are built and can accommodate those park and ride stalls.

Public engagement and project history

On May 15 2014, over 600 people from various communities, ages and backgrounds, turned out at Southcentre Mall to view the latest concept of the Anderson TOD redevelopment project. The event offered Calgarians the opportunity to see proposed concept drawings detailing what Anderson could look like in the future.

Concepts were created using feedback from previous events, community association meetings, working with other City departments and discussions with recognized TOD experts. Following this information session, RE&DS submitted the formal Outline Plan and Land Use Amendment application in September 2014.
For a full list of public events regarding the Anderson development project prior to 2014 visit  Anderson TOD project history.

Below is a snapshot of the project to date:

  • March 2013 - December 2014: RE&DS held numerous public engagement sessions with citizens and community associations to review the proposed Anderson TOD plan. RE&DS submitted the formal Outline Plan and Land Use Amendment application in September 2014.
  • January - June 2015: Revisions were made to the proposal based on feedback from The City and citizens.
  • July - September 2015: RE&DS provided an update to the community on the results of the Transportation Impact Analysis (TIA) and any major changes which may have occurred during the review process.
  • August 2015: The Anderson TOD Outline Plan and Land Use Re-designation Application received a recommendation of approval to City Council by Calgary Planning Commission (CPC).
  •  October 2015: The Anderson TOD Land Use application was presented at a Public Hearing of Council. City Council referred the application back Administration until they could approve a park and ride plan and station area plan for Anderson Station.
  •  October 2016: Council approved the Anderson Station Park and Ride Plan. This plan reflects a no net loss and replacement strategy for the existing park and ride stalls at Anderson Station.
  • September 2017:A new Anderson TOD Outline Plan and Land Use Re-designation application was submitted to the City of Calgary planning department.

 Contact us

For more information, contact:
Justin Rebello, project manager, Anderson Station Transit Oriented Development
Real Estate & Development Services
T 403-268-5413
Media inquries

For all media requests please call The City's media line at 403-828-2954.


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