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Wildwood - what we've heard other questions

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1. How will this address the need for affordable housing in Calgary?

A City of Calgary study released in March of 2014 found about 18 per cent of Calgarians need affordable housing. This figure is about the same as it was 20 years ago.

This figure is impacted greatly by conditions that are unique to Calgary such as low rental vacancy rates, rising housing prices and the 2013 flood.

The proposed 32 and 16 unit multi-family development represents a small percentage of the approximately 3,400 people currently on CHC's waiting list for affordable housing. 

2. Could this proposal consider a building with a mix of renters and owners?

This development will provide affordable rental housing to individuals and families living on lower incomes that may not have access to market-value rental housing. Rents are set according to a mixed income model to maintain the financial sustainability of the building. This project supports Council’s strategy to make affordable housing available to all citizens of Calgary.

3. Could this proposal consider units that create housing for seniors, especially those who already live in the community but want to downsize?

The proposed project is not specific to seniors but is available to anyone who qualifies based on income.

4. How would this development help to address urban sprawl?

This development would have a positive impact on The City’s desire to reduce urban sprawl by increasing the density in an established community in a responsible and appropriate way.​