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A New Relationship

The relationship between The City of Calgary and the Government of Alberta is critical to ensuring that The City has the appropriate authority to respond to citizens’ needs and expectations in a timely and effective manner.

Two initiatives are underway to build a new, mutually beneficial relationship. The first is the provincial government’s review of the Municipal Government Act (MGA)Municipal Government Act (MGA), the guiding piece of legislation for all municipalities in Alberta. The City is providing ongoing input into that review process, which will result in a new act in 2016.

The second initiative is the development of a City Charters specific to Calgary and Edmonton. This tailored legislation will give the cities greater flexibility in some local decision-making, and enable us to address complex issues that big cities face.

Our City Charter team is working closely with The Government of Alberta to determine what should be included in the City Charter, based on input from Council, departmental representatives, subject matter experts, City of Calgary staff, interested stakeholders and the public.