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City Charter Outcomes

City Charters are about legislation that enables the cities of Calgary and Edmonton to have more authority over local decisions and policy. The authorities granted to the cities through the Charters will not be implemented all at once but over time as needs arise. There will be ample opportunity for stakeholder engagement as we work with the City Charter in the future.

There are five main categories under which we will see specific outcomes from the City Charter development:

Improving administrative efficiency:
City Charters will modernize processes, remove obstacles to innovation and efficiency, provide greater autonomy to the cities for decision-making, and ensure appropriate accountability mechanisms are in place.

Enhancing coordination:
City Charters will improve information sharing between the cities and the province, align efforts towards shared outcomes, and strengthen coordination between all three groups.

Supporting community well-being:
City Charters will work to improve the well-being of citizens by supporting and enabling the provision of services, and building community through the development of public spaces.

Smarter community planning:
City Charters will enable smarter community planning through supporting diversified transportation networks, enabling thoughtful revitalization of existing neighbourhoods, preserving historical resources, and encouraging growth that meets local needs.

Empowering local environmental stewardship:
City Charters will respond to environmental pressures with local solutions, including measures that improve energy use and provide greater community energy security, climate change mitigation and adaptation planning, and protecting the local physical environment.