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Build Calgary - Frequently asked questions

Why is Build Calgary needed?

There are instabilities in The City’s current financial position and a new approach to how we build the city is required. The new approach includes the Off-Site Levy Bylaw and the City Charter and Municipal Government Act processes. The Build Calgary core team has identified two primary objectives: to implement a funding approach that provides the necessary infrastructure to accommodate projected growth; and, to work with partners to create a transparent approach to sustainable infrastructure funding for the orderly, economic and beneficial development of land.

To accomplish this, the Build Calgary team has identified the following five critical initiatives:

  1. Off-Site Levy Bylaw: Council approval of an Offsite Levy Bylaw, for implementation in 2016
  2. Land Supply Process: Transparent and orderly land/infrastructure delivery
  3. Legislative Framework: A new relationship with the Province of Alberta
  4. Regional Coordination: Partner with regional municipalities and agencies to ensure an efficient and sustainable metropolitan region
  5. Commercial/Industrial/Transit Oriented Development: Ensure significant development opportunities that generate non-residential tax revenue

Who is Build Calgary made up of?

The Build Calgary core team is made up of employees from throughout the corporation. The vision of Jeff Fielding and Brad Stevens is to use a cross-functional approach to accomplish the objectives.

Brad Stevens, General Manager of Corporate Services, is executive sponsor of the project. Joel Armitage, Director of the Office of Land Servicing & Housing, is program leader.

Build Calgary will work with several stakeholders to meet the two primary objectives listed above.

What has been done so far?

To date, the Build Calgary team, using the Corporate Project Management Framework, has determined governance structure, established its core team, and built cross-functional understanding.

On Jan. 16, Brad Stevens delivered an update on Build Calgary to the Strategic Session of Council. The following recommendation was approved by Council.

That Council:

  1. Receive the Build Calgary Overview (Verbal) for information;
  2. Direct Administration to work only on those infrastructure projects budgeted for in the 2015-18 Capital Plan, or previously approved by Council, and to not consider any new proposal regarding the financing of infrastructure until a new bylaw regarding off-site levies is passed, reporting back to Council no later than 2015 December if no bylaw is in place.
  3. Authorize the Mayor and Administration to continue providing The City of Calgary’s input into the Charter development and MGA review, and as developments unfold, to report back to Council on the status of negotiations; and
  4. Direct that these recommendations, and all presentations and discussions remain confidential following the in-camera discussion pursuant to Sections 23(1)(b), 24(1)(a)(b)&(c), and 25(1)(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, until this matter is resolved.

What are the next steps?

Each of the initiatives listed above will have a project lead and the leads are responsible for putting together project teams. The teams will begin work immediately on their respective initiatives to help Build Calgary meet its two primary objectives.