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Commercial - Industrial - Transit Oriented Development

Build Calgary - Critical initiative

Commercial - Industrial - Transit Oriented Development

Ensure significant development opportunities that generate non-residential tax revenue.

The financial health of The City of Calgary depends on the tax revenue of citizens and businesses alike. The City wants to grow its non-residential tax revenue to put less onus on individual tax players to fund the infrastructure that is needed to ensure Calgary can accommodate its current population and future growth.


A number of business units at The City of Calgary will work in alignment to address this critical need.

Ongoing work

The Office of Land Servicing & Housing (OLSH) is the development arm of The City of Calgary. OLSH works to develop and sell City-owned land to create economic opportunities and vibrant communities, attract diverse and quality employers, support the development of affordable housing and fund the purchase of land needed for future infrastructure.

As part of Build Calgary, OLSH’s mandate extends to the focus of growing non-residential tax revenue. OLSH will work in alignment with other business units at The City to expedite commercial, industrial and transit oriented development.