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Land Supply Process

Build Calgary - Critical initiative

Land Supply Process

Ensuring transparent and balanced land/infrastructure delivery.

Land supply is the potential development capacity of vacant land. The City of Calgary prepares planning policy and provides infrastructure to support smooth, balances urban development. Lands with approved Council policy are part of the “planned land supply” and lands with available leading infrastructure (water, storm, sanitary, fire and transportation services) are part of the “serviced land supply.” In order for landowners to proceed with development, these services must be available and various approvals must be granted.

The Sequenced List is the end product of Framework for Growth and Change, a multi-year project that built a prioritization system for investing in new growth areas. Those areas that rise to the top of the Council-approved ranking system are recommended for servicing in City budgets.

The status of land supply and the sequenced list are important because they inform how much new land should be brought on for development and redevelopment, and where supporting infrastructure should go. It matters to the development industry because it reflects how smoothly vacant land is being brought through the process and how much competition exists in the market. It matters to The City and to citizens because it reflects how well Council policy is being implemented and how efficiently City infrastructure is being used.


The City already has an extensive monitoring program for land supply, and several policies governing the planning and servicing of land. However, decisions made as part of the new Off-Site Levy Bylaw initiative, Legislative Framework initiative, and general financial strategy may impact how much and where land supply can be advanced. This also may lead to updates and tweaks for the Sequenced List.

Ongoing work

Build Calgary is in close contact with both industry stakeholders and departmental infrastructure planners, as balance is sought between the goals of City financial efficiency, policy implementation, and smooth market function. New ideas for delivering land supply are being considered and scenarios are being tested. Updates are being discussed for the Sequenced List. Both initiatives are tied very closely to the Off-Site Levy Bylaw initiative, therefore staff and stakeholders involved in that work will also be involved in the land supply process.