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Regional Coordination

Build Calgary - Critical initiative

Regional Coordination

Livable regions are critical to economic competitiveness in the global market place. The City of Calgary has made a considerable effort to support a sustainable region for several reasons: primarily, to improve the quality of life of our citizens and ensure Calgary’s livability and competitiveness. The regional growth strategy contained in the Calgary Metropolitan Plan provides a basis for The City to move away from continual growth on our edges and move toward a more compact urban form, as contained in our guiding Municipal Development Plan and Calgary Transportation Plan. This shift to a more compact urban form as supported by these plans supports Calgary’s land use and mobility networks and secures significant savings in capital and operational dollars.


The City of Calgary is working with its regional partners and the Government of Alberta to legislate the Calgary Metropolitan Plan in 2015.

Ongoing Work

Regional collaboration is being worked on by several business units at The City of Calgary, including Planning & Development, Assessment, Calgary Transit and Water Resources.

If the Calgary Metropolitan Plan is not successfully implemented, The City of Calgary will be actively engaged in determining a future course of action relative to the region with focus on long-term sustainability.