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Big opportunities in Calgary Region’s industrial real estate market

Big opportunities in Calgary Region's industrial real estate market

According to Paul Derksen, Industrial Real Estate consultant, "Industrial land and warehouses in the Calgary Region are a stable investment. There are a variety of opportunities throughout the Region and with the current downturn, there are more options and more competitive pricing."

Are you considering purchasing or leasing industrial land in the Calgary Region? If yes, this article it for you. You'll learn why Calgary Region's industrial land is prime. You'll also be introduced to an easy tool for searching for your ideal piece of industrial real estate in the Calgary Region.

More than just oil and gas

According to local Calgary Region industrial real estate broker, Ilya Raykhlin from RE/MAX Commercial, (, "There is an excellent supply of industrial goods in the Calgary Region. Excellent real estate availability along with construction costs that are competitive and dropping, make industrial real estate throughout the Calgary Region an excellent investment.

"In the Calgary Region, industrial inventory is composed mainly of transportation, distribution and logistics facilities with some manufacturing," Ilya says.

"Much of the inventory in the Calgary Region has been built in the past 10 years, bringing significant energy efficiencies and building design and site amenities to accommodate current warehousing standards and transportation equipment needs," he adds.

Why is Calgary Region's current industrial real estate prime?

According to Paul Derksen, Calgary Region's industrial real estate is prime due to:

  1. Strong population growth with more than 1.8 million people expected to arrive over the next 60 years.
  2. Ample serviced industrial land.
  3. Increased inventory in current economy.
  4. Excellent access to major rail freight hub for two railways (CP and CN).
    Intersected by Highway 1 (Trans Canada) and the 6,000 km CANAMEX Corridor (Highway 2).
  5. High speed internet infrastructure is available throughout the Region.
  6. 24-hour delivery time to major world markets.

If you have read this far and you are considering purchasing or leasing industrial real estate in the Calgary Region, you're going to want to try out this handy tool:

Look for your prime real estate with this on-line tool

The Calgary Regional Partnership (CRP) has this handy online tool, Explore Calgary Region (ECR), making access to information on prime industrial real estate in the Calgary Region information only a click away.

How does the Explore Calgary Region Tool work?

The ECR site is designed to help you research potential real estate purchases including:

  • available properties
  • economic data
  • geographic details
  • costs
  • lot sizes
  • updated real estate information
  • Industry breakdowns
  • Other development initiatives in the area.


The ECR also allows you to develop corresponding reports such as demographics, labour force and consumer expenditures.

Another amazing mapping features breaks out businesses by industry showing their distribution and concentrations throughout the area.

The ECR tool is free to use

You can access industrial and commercial real estate in the Calgary Region including photographs of available properties.

No residential listings

All of the property types are commercial or industrial. There are no residential listings on the site.

What are the geographical boundaries?

The geographical boundary represented in the Explore Calgary Region site is the same geographical boundary for the Calgary Region.

Give our ERC tool a try and drop us a note in the comments section below with your thoughts.

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