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Real estate project updates

Land Use
Land Size
Anticipated Release
Point Trotter

Phase I – construction is   complete.

Land use amendment being undertaken for 2 I-B lots and 1 adjacent I-G lot amending land use to I-C.

28 lots ranging in size from 1 to 5.5 acres.

2 lots zoned for I-B (to be amended to I-C)

26 Lots zoned for I-G

14 lots currently available for sale

Phase II – anticipating 24 lots owned by The City of Calgary.

Currently in the design stage.

1 to 5 acres, of which the majority of the lots will be less than 2 acres in size.


Dufferin North

Phase II construction in progress.





Phase III options under review.


3 lots (approximately 50 acres, 28 acres, and 19.4 acres) located on north side of 106 Avenue. 

Lots to be created on south side of 106 Avenue. Lot sizes to be determined.

Phase II lots to be released Q4 2016.




Phase III lots to be released no earlier than 2018.

Dufferin South & Dufferin Phase I

5 lots between 2 and 6 acres.

2 lots (5.67 & 5.52 acres) currently for sale.

6 acre lot to be released 2018.

Remaining 2 lots to be released in Q4 2017.


2 lots of 2.25 and 9.98 acres.

2.25 acre lot currently under negotiation.

Large lot is currently available.


3 lots between 3 and 4 acres.

Mid-November 2016.

Great Plains/Starfield
(formerly Forest Lawn Creek)

In planning stage.

Approximately 550 acres of saleable land.

Significant planning and infrastructure investment required before lands will be available for sale.

Stay in touch with us at to find out the latest regarding Forest Lawn Creek.

Shepard Industrial Park


Shepard Industrial Park offers 970 gross developable acres of land.

Significant infrastructure investment is required before this land can be developed.

Stay in touch with us at to find out the latest regarding Shepard IP.

Business Park
Royal Vista

8 lots remaining ranging between 1.8 and 10.6 acres.

2 lots currently under negotiations.

5 lots currently available for sale.

Last lot (10.6 acres) to be released in Q3 2017.


This site holds much potential given future plans for the Green Line (GL) North LRT. With GL North alignment confirmed, we're looking to proceed with engineering for a portion of lands in the site's northeast corner. 

Comprised of 320 gross acres, Aurora is envisioned as an employment node.

Stay in touch with us at for the latest updates regarding Aurora BP.

Commercial / Residential


West LRT properties


Various properties along West LRT Corridor, including vacant and improved properties with residential and commercial land uses.


Estimated timelines are dependent on pre-sale scope of work and subject to approval for sale by City Council. 

16 Avenue

Various properties along the 16 Avenue corridor between 5 Street N.E. and 10 Street N.W. with commercial land uses.

Stand alone lot sizes vary from approx. 6,000 – 12,000 sq. ft.

Last lot currently under negotiation.

50 Avenue / Macleod Trail Area

4 redevelopment sites located within the industrial redevelopment area of Manchester. The sites are located approximately 1 to 2 blocks east of Macleod Trail and provide good opportunity for development.


Stand alone sites vary in size from 12,000 – 30,000 sq. ft.

Transportation to review south LRT line for infill station locations and development opportunities, delaying City land release until 2018.

Multi-family residential
The Bridges

1 lot (site 13) currently under review for a land use amendment. 

4 lots remaining: 1.02 acres (site 10); 0.93 acres (site 13); and 2 lots to be sold together comprising 1.32 acres (sites 11a and 11b). 

Site 10 to be released Q1 2017.

Sites 11a and 11b to be re-released Q3 2017.

Site 13 to be released Q1 2018. 

This information presented is correct as of 10:00 am. MT September 30, 2016 and is subject to change. 
Timelines defined:  Q1 (Jan – Mar)    Q2 (Apr – Jun)    Q3 (Jul - Sept)    Q4 (Oct – Dec)