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The Bridges - Direct Control (DC) bylaws


The Bridges - Direct Control (DC) bylaws

​​There are currently three Direct Control Bylaws that regulate land use within The Bridges.

In 2002, DC41Z2002 was approved by Council and included the entire 14ha (36.8ac) lands contained within The Bridges.

In 2012, there were two land use amendments: DC38D2012​ and DC37D2012, which affected the Phase 2 lands and the Phase 3 lands. ​​​​
In October 2015, there was a third land use amendment DC171D2015 which affected the Phase 3 lands.
Currently, a fourth land use amendment is being proposed to Site 13 of Phase 2 lands a Direct Control Bylaw based on M-H2 guidelines FAR 5.5 Height 26M.
​​Please refer to the The Bridges - Existing Land Uses map​


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