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The Bridges - Planning and public participation


The Bridges - Planning and public participation


The planning process for the redevelopment of The Bridges began in the fall of 1998. It included a design ideas competition as well as an extensive public participation process. This input along with the principles and objectives set out in the Calgary Plan and the Calgary Transportation Plan led to the creation of the Bow Valley Centre (BVC) Concept Plan. This policy plan was approved by Council in 2002 as an amendment to the Bridgeland Riverside Area Redevelopment Plan.    

Implementation of the BVC Concept plan required land use amendments and subdivision of the site. The land use amendment was a Direct Control District - Direct Control Bylaw.  Approved in 2002, it accommodated the unique aspects of The Bridges development. The DC bylaw was subsequently amended in 2012 for portions of The Bridges.

The final step in the planning process is the development permit stage. The City as the land developer of The Bridges prepared sites for sale to private sector builders. Purchasers of sites in The Bridges submit applications for their proposed developments. Prior to submitting their application, they must obtain approval from The Bridges Architectural Review Committee​ (ARC.) Once secured, the development permit applications proceed in accordance with standard procedures.

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