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The Bridges - Sustainability


The Vento Building in The Bridges
The Vento by Windmill Developments Ltd.
Sustainability and energy efficiencies are an integral part of The Bridges. There are over 50 sustainable elements identified the BVC Concept Plan including:
  • Increased density in the inner city and surrounding the Bridgeland-Memorial LRT station
  • Pedestrian oriented design of streets and roads
  • Provision of local services, shopping and restaurants
  • Mixed use development and live-work units
  • Multi-modal transportation choices 
  • Solar orientation consideration in building and site design
  • Water efficient landscape design

In addition to the BVC sustainable policies, all Phase 1 builders were required to incorporate energy efficient elements into the individual site and building design. In this phase, Windmill Developments Ltd. built the Vento which was the first residential mixed use project in North America to be built to LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Canada-NC 1.0 Platinum rating. In Phases 2 & 3, all builders must construct LEED® certified projects.​​