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The Bridges Architectural Guidelines


​The Bridges Architectural Guidelines

The Bow Valley Centre Concept Plan sets broad policy objectives for urban design and architecture in The Bridges. The Direct Control Bylaws translate the plan into specific land use districts and regulate the bulk, mass, building setbacks, scale and landscaping requirements. The Bridges Architectural Guidelines add an additional level of urban design and architectural detail​. These include, but are not limited to, building orientation and entrances, building material and finishing, balconies, vertical and horizontal proportions etc. The guidelines are both descriptive and are illustrated through pictures and sketches.

The intent of the Architectural Guidelines is to assist in creating a distinct urban character for The Bridges while ensuring that the design of each individual development enhances the entire development. 
The Bridges Architectural Guidelines encourage energy efficiency through site planning​​ and building design, a high standard of livability for residential projects and the area as a whole, with a high quality of design.
The Bridges Architectural Review Committee (ARC) evaluates all proposed development permit applications in The Bridges to ensure the buildings and site considerations are in compliance with the guidelines.
Downloads for the Bridges Architectural Design & Control Guidelines:
  • Download | October 2017
  • Download | November 2012
  • Download | April 2008
  • Download | June 2005 - formerly Bow Valley Centre Lands Redevelopment
  • Download | October 2003 - Bow Valley Centre Lands Redevelopment
  • Download | July 2002 - Bow Valley Centre Lands Redevelopment

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