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Real Estate Our Process

Our Process

Step 1: Purchase

  • Visit The City's Real Estate website to review all listings
  • Select a listing or specific parcel of city-owned land for sale to review all details including zoning and building terms.
  • Contact the Real Estate Sales Negotiator identified in the listing information.
  • If a property you are interested in is not listed, initiate a circulation request.

Step 2: Submission

  • Submit the Purchaser Application Form attached within the relevant listing.
  • Make sure you meet the Application Deadline, where applicable.

Step 3: Review

  • All applications are reviewed within the Real Estate & Development Services (RE&DS) following the application deadline.
  • The successful applicant is contacted by the Sales Negotiator. Negotiations regarding the purchase price and other terms and conditions of the sale can then occur.
  • Unsuccessful applicants will be notified.

Step 4: Approval

  • The real estate transaction is brought forward for Corporate Approval as per the Real Property Bylaw 52M2009.
  • Modifications to the transaction may be made during the approval process. The successful applicant will be notified of such modifications.

Step 5: Agreement

  • Negotiations are finalized and agreements are executed.
  • The purchaser can apply for required permits to begin construction.

Step 6: Post-closing obligations

  • If applicable, the Real Estate & Development Services will complete any specific servicing needs required.
  • It is expected that the purchaser will, when and where applicable, comply with the Architectural Review process.
  • RE&DS monitors the purchaser's on-going construction progress to ensure the building commitment is being met.
  • If applicable, Finder's Fees for a property sale, or a sale referral, are calculated and paid.