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The Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw states that cats must be licensed. This mandatory cat license help achieve a higher return-to-owner rate for the impouded cats by connecting lost cats to their owners and having a system in place that can be updated annually as cat owners renew their licences.

Since cat licencing became mandatory under the bylawe in 2007, the number of cats in The City's animal shelters reunited with their owners because they had identification increased to 49 per cent in 2009 from 39 per cent in 2006.

Cat licences will cost $10 for a spayed / neutered cat, and $30 for an unaltered cat. All licensed cats are issued a tag, but are not required to wear it if they have a microchip or legible tattoo.

In addition, the bylaw states that cats are not able to roam freely on public property. Cats, like dogs, must be confined solely to their owners' property. This change was made in response to the many citizens concerned about nuisance cats prowling, howling, destroying property, scattering garbage from garbage cans and digging on their private property.

The City strongly recommends that cats be kept indoors, not only to prevent them from becoming a nuisance in the community, but also to ensure their safety and health.