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I Heart My Pet Rewards Program

The I Heart My Pet Rewards Program is being discontinued. As of September 5, 2018 new cards will not be issued with dog/cat licence renewals.

All cards issued prior to this date will be honoured until their expiry date or September 4, 2019, whichever comes first. This program is not being replaced with another program.



The "I Heart My Pet" rewards program for responsible pet owners is The City's way of thanking the thousands of Calgarians who chose to lice​nse​ their cat or dog. 

The card gives discounts on a variety of products and services at more than 60 partnering vendors. By using the card just a couple of times, pet owners can recoup the cost of their licensing fees.  

More details about the rewards offered are available at The website also has information about responsible pet ownership, updates on new partner vendors and special promotions.  The "I Heart My Pet" rewards card is valid until further notice.

This is another way of showing how responsible pet ownership has its rewards!

More than 90 per cent of dogs and 45 per cent of cats residing in Calgary are licensed, making us a leader in licensing compliance in North America.

Responsible pet owners know their pet's licence is his ticket home.

What they may not know is that because of pet licensing, Calgary has the highest return-to-owner and lowest euthanization rates in North America. In 2010 alone, Animal & Bylaw Services reunited 479 cats and 3,746 dogs with their owners.

The revenue generated from licensing funds our adoption and volunteer programs and helps feed, shelter and care for the pets in our facility. When residents license their pets, not only are they protecting their pet's safety, they are helping the pets who enter our shelter. 

Advantages for Vendors

  • Do you care about the health and safety of Calgary's cats and dogs?
  • Do you want to encourage pet owners to license their cats and dogs?
  • Do you want to attract and develop a new clientele?

    Then the "I Heart My Pet" Rewards Program is perfect for you!
Partner vendors offer a discount on products or services to customers who show their rewards card at the time of purchase.

Benefits of being part of the program

As an essential partner of the program, your logo is prominently displayed on our correspondence with owners of newly licensed pets.
The vendors discounts section of the "I Heart My Pet" website displays your logo, describes each partner's reward and business, and links visitors to your website. 

To advertise your involvement in the "I Heart My Pet" rewards program and to invite people to come, shop and save in your establishment by using the "I Heart My Pet" rewards card, we are also providing a range of free promotional items such as an 11" X 17" sign, a 4" X 5" counter top card holder with colourful insert and a 3" X 4" magnet with the QR code.