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Guide for mobile vendors

The Business Licence Bylaw requires that all vendors operating from a temporary location or a mobile unit must be licensed.  For details on the licensing requirements, call the Business Licence Division at 403-268-5311.

A licensed vendor who operates from a temporary location or a mobile unit must have their business licence available at the site where sales are taking place, and must produce their business licence when asked by a Licence Inspector, Bylaw Enforcement Officer or Police Officer.

Private property (all areas)

In addition to holding a current City of Calgary Business Licence, vendors must obtain the prior written consent of the property owner if operating on private property.

Public property (downtown)

Downtown sidewalks
Pursuant to the Downtown Pushcart Vendor Licence Bylaw, vendors located on downtown City sidewalks must first obtain planning approval - Pushcart application - and then obtain a Pushcart Vendor Licence. See the Pushcart map for a definition of the downtown area. 

Stephen Avenue Mall and Barclay Mall
Are under jurisdiction of Calgary Downtown Association.

Calgary Downtown Association
#720, 304 - 8 Ave. S.W.
Telephone 403-215-1570

Public property (all parks, pathways, roadways and sidewalks outside downtown)

Vendors in all major parks and all other public property outside downtown will only be permitted to operate as part of a major festival or event.  The City of Calgary has no comprehensive Mobile Vendor Program in place for the provision of food/merchandise sales or other similar commercial activities in these areas.  Prospective vendors must first contact the festival organizers directly to obtain permission to take part in an event on public property.  Contact Inspection & Permit Services at 403-268-5311 or email for more information.

Calgary Exhibition & Stampede

Vendors planning to operate on private property during the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede are required to obtain a Development Permit before a business licence can be issued.  Development Permit applications can take up to six weeks or longer to process.  For Development Permit information please call 403-268-5311.