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Home-based business

A Home Occupation is commonly referred to as a home-based business.

Home occupations are small-scale businesses that operate out of a home in a residential neighbourhood.  Two types of home occupations are allowed in Calgary.  It will be necessary for you to obtain a Home Occupation Permit.

Businesses operating from a residence may also require a business licence.  To find out if your business will require a business licence, use our Business Registration system or contact our Licence Division at 403-268-5311 with details of your intended business activities.  The Business Registration system or our Licence Division staff will help you determine if a business licence is required and what approvals may be needed.

It's important to note, if your business is identified as requiring a Home Occupation Permit and/or a Business Licence, you should take steps to ensure these approvals are in place before operating your business.  If you are found operating your business without the required permits and/or licences, you could be subject to charges.