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Bylaw Services - FAQ

Which bylaws does bylaw services enforce?

Provincial Statutes

  • The Weed Act
  • The Traffic Safety Act
  • The Municipal Government Act

Municipal Bylaws

  • Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw
  • Barclay Mall Bylaw
  • Calgary Parking Bylaw
  • Calgary Traffic Bylaw
  • Community Standards Bylaw
  • Drainage Bylaw
  • Extended Dance Event Bylaw
  • Lot Grading Bylaw
  • Panhandling Bylaw
  • Parks and Pathways Bylaw
  • Public Behaviour Bylaw
  • Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw
  • Sewer Service Bylaw
  • Smoking Bylaw
  • Stephen Avenue Mall Bylaw
  • Street Bylaw
  • Temporary Signs on Highways Bylaw
  • Tree Protection Bylaw
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods Bylaw
  • Truck Routes Bylaw
  • Waste and Recycling Bylaw
  • Water Utility Bylaw

Does Bylaw Services enforce the Land Use Bylaw?

No. Development & Building Approvals enforces the Land Use Bylaw.

What authority do Bylaw Enforcement Officers have?

Those powers and duties granted by city council specified pursuant to the Alberta Municipal Government Act.