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Residential sidewalk snow and ice FAQs

The following is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about snow and ice and the answers to the FAQ about snow and ice.

What is the cost to the property owner if snow removal has been done by the City work forces?

A minimum flat rate of $150.00 plus GST and an administrative fee will be charged for the corrective action. Under provisions of the Alberta Municipal Government Act, any costs for municipal corrective action will become a debt owed to The City of Calgary by the property owner listed on the title.

What can 3-1-1 offer to property owners that are unable to remove the snow or ice due to disability or medical conditions?

The City has the City Links Program for qualified Low Income Seniors. Please contact 3-1-1 for information about this program.

I am a senior citizen and need help to remove my snow.  What assistance is available?

Several community-based and regional seniors' organizations provide assistance to seniors (including snow removal). Visit the Community Based Snow Removal Programs page for more information. Please note that they may limit their service to seniors within their communities. Community and Neighbourhood Service's Seniors Division (CNS) provides support and encouragement for these programs. You may also be interested in finding out about our Snow Angels program.

If the property owner has applied for one of the City’s snow and ice programs, are they supposed to remove their snow while waiting for the results?

Yes. The property owner should first remove their snow or ice to comply with the Street Bylaw while waiting for their application result.

What will happen if the contractor comes by to remove snow or ice as a result of Bylaw’s enforcement and the snow has already been cleared by the property owner?

No work will be done and the property owner will not be charged. 

What if I am away on vacation when the snow falls?

It is your responsibility to maintain your property, even if you are away. You can ask a friend or neighbour or hire a company to do the work for you while gone. The bylaw will still be enforced regardless of whether the property owner is home or not. 

What if I have tenants living in my property?

The property owner is responsible for all charges incurred for failing to maintain your property, even if you don’t live there. You can hire a company or require your tenant to do the work, but it is still your responsibility to make sure that the work is done. Animal & Bylaw Services will still enforce the bylaw regardless if the property owner is residing at the location or not.