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Animal Services Gift Certificates


Cat staring our a window

Thinking about giving someone a cat or a dog for their birthday or a special occasion? An Animal Services gift certificate is a great option.

A responsible choice

Choosing and adopting a pet is an important personal decision, and owning a cat or dog is a responsibility for the lifetime of that animal. You can help the person on your list make a responsible choice by purchasing a gift certificate, in lieu of purchasing an animal for them.

Why should I give a gift certificate?

Gift certificates can be used towards can be used toward a pet licence or the adoption of a cat or dog.
Licensing a family's existing pets is a great gift for the owner and the animal, a pet licence is the animal's ticket home if they ever get lost.

Gift certificates give potential pet owners time to choose the best cat or dog for their home and lifestyle.

Gift certificates can be purchased in any denomination so you can give a gift in whatever amount you choose, and they are flexible.

How do I purchase a gift certificate?

Gift certificates can be purchased in person at the Animal Services Centre.