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Passenger Bill of Rights

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Respect the Ride - Passenger and Driver Bill of Rights  

A passenger has the right to:  
  • A licensed driver.
  • Travel with a service animal and/or portable mobility aid.
  • Ride in a clean, safe, comfortable and smoke-free vehicle.
  • Direct the route, or expect the most economical route.
  • Request curb side assistance with personal items at no extra charge, provided request is reasonable.
  • View the metered fare.
A driver has the right to:
  • A driver has the right to refuse or terminate a trip when passengers are disorderly or abusive, including impairment by alcohol or drugs.
  • Refuse to carry animals, with the exception of guide dogs or service animal and/or mobility aid.
  • Refuse to carry more passengers or baggage than the vehicle can safely and legally accommodate.
  • Require a deposit of up to $30 towards the total cost of the fare.
  • Charge a cleaning fee of $100 if a passenger soils the cab.

Taxi ride tips

  • Plan ahead – being prepared for peak periods will help make your next trip more enjoyable.
  • When hailing a taxi, be sure the driver and vehicle are licensed. Look for a taxi plate on the rear bumper of the vehicle.
  • The driver’s badge should be posted in a visible location. It is typically placed on the driver's visor. If you are not able to see it, you can ask to see it.
  • Before you get into a taxi, take note of the taxi number, company and colour of the vehicle. Knowing this information will help you track down lost items or share a compliment or concern about your ride.

Taxi stand tips

  • Be courteous when waiting in line at a taxi stand.
  • Be safe. Stand on the sidewalk while waiting and avoid standing on the road.
  • Treat other taxi stand customers kindly.