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Livery Transport Advisory Committee

The Livery Transport Advisory Committee (formerly the Taxi and Limousine Advisory Committee) is an advisory committee to City Council. The committee uses input from the taxi, limousine and ridesharing industries, citizens, and special-interest groups to make recommendations to Council on decisions about Calgary’s vehicle-for-hire industry.


Livery Transport Advisory Committee - Volunteer positions

We are currently recruiting volunteers within the vehicle-for-hire industry for three positions on the Livery Transport Advisory Committee. The three positions needed are:

  • Taxi driver from the Calgary Taxi industry
  • Transportation network company owner/operator
  • Transportation network company driver

The application deadline is November 25, 2016. Apply now.


Livery Transport Advisory Committee meetings

Meeting dates, agenda, and minutes
Archived meeting minutes
Archived subcomittee meeting minutes

Livery Transport Advisory Committee - What you need to know

The committee

There are 18 members on the Livery Transport Advisory Committee. All members are appointed by Council. It includes representation from the public, industry, City Administration and designated stakeholder groups.

Policy and procedure manual for meetings of the Livery Transport Advisory Committee

The Committee meets monthly to allow all stakeholders to have a say. Everyone is welcome to attend and encouraged to participate. The Livery Transport Advisory Committee encourages citzens to submit their ideas.

Livery Transport Advisory Subcommittees

There are three LTAC subcommittees to address specific topics in more detail:

  • Communications and Engagement Subcommittee
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey Subcommittee
  • Plate Utilization Subcommittee
Visit our subcommittees page to learn more about the subcommittees, upcoming meetings and how to get involved.