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TLAC submission procedures

​There are two options for members of the public or industry to make a submission to the Taxi and Limousine Advisory Committee: oral or written. Submission procedures, summarized below, are detailed in the Council-approved TLAC Policy and Procedures. Once considered, no submission on substantively the same matter can be considered for at least three (3) months unless approved by TLAC. See also TLAC meeting agendas and minutes..

1. Oral submissions

  • During Regular Meetings, individuals are given a maximum of five minutes to make submissions and answer questions from the Committee.
  • On receipt of an oral submission, a Committee Member may make a motion to:
    a) Receive it for information
    b) Adopt or amend the recommendations
    c) Refer it to Administration for a report back to TLAC; orRefer it to Administration for a report back to TLAC; or
    d) Refer it to Administration for a reply

2. Written submissions

  • Submissions can be emailed to or delivered/mailed to the office of Livery Transport Services (100, 2116 - 27 Avenue NE Calgary, Alberta T2E 7A6)
  • For a written submission to be eligible to be added to the TLAC Agenda, it must be accompanied by a report;
    • (Note: written submissions can still be provided without a report. Such submissions would simply be handled outside of the TLAC meeting process.)
  • For inclusion in a TLAC agenda, the deadline is a minimum of ten (10) days prior to the next Regular Meeting (or the following business day when the date for receipt falls on a statutory holiday).
  • Upon receipt of a written submission, the Chair may:
    a) Include it on the Agenda of the next Regular Meeting, in full or in summary
    b) Refer it to Administration for a report back to TLAC; or
    c) Refer it to Administration for reply
  • If you miss the submission deadline and your report is a matter of urgent business, a member of the TLAC committee may wish to bring your report or submission forward for consideration. Twenty (20) copies of the item shall be brought to the meeting by the Member. The item, referred to as a “Green Sheet,” shall be distributed after addition to the Agenda by a two-thirds (9) vote.
  • Submissions shall clearly set out the matter at issue and the request, and:
    a) for written correspondence; must be printed, typewritten or legibly written, be signed with the name of the writer and contain the mailing address of the writer; or
    b) for electronic communication; must contain the name of the writer and both the mailing and electronic address of the writer.