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Safety Expo

The City of Calgary welcomed a record 3,600 grade five and six students to the 12th annual Safety Expo on March 11 and 12, 2015.
Hosted by The City in collaboration with community, not-for-profit and corporate organizations, Safety Expo is the only event of its kind in Calgary. 
Students learn about safety hazards posed by fire, electricity and household poisons. They learn ways to protect themselves from vulnerable situations and how to stay safe online. They also pick up practical skills like bike and tire repair. And they learn about social responsibility through presentations on anti-bullying and information on ways they can positively influence their communities, such as becoming a Snow Angel.
These lessons and more are delivered through fun, interactive displays and workshops, all of which meet the requirements of the Alberta Education Health and Wellness curriculum.

Who is Safety Expo for?

Safety Expo is open to students registered by their teachers to attend, as well as registered exhibitors, workshop presenters and volunteers. Registrations for the 2016 event will begin opening in November 2015. 

About Safety Expo

Safety Expo is just one of  many education programs and prevention measures The City delivers to demonstrates its commitment to public safety year round, in support of Council’s vision for inspiring, safe neighbourhoods. The result is that citizens, young and old, can actively share the responsibility for individual and community safety.

Safety Expo is free for both students and exhibitors, thanks to both financial and in-kind contributions from The City and its event partners listed below. Student transportation for the event is also free, courtesy of ENMAX.
Since its inception, nearly 40,000 young Calgarians have experienced the valued lessons of Safety Expo.
Safety Expo Partners

Animal & Bylaw Services has led the Safety Expo organizing committee on behalf of The City for the past five years, in collaboration with representatives from the following organizations.

Safety news and notices

      Keep up with Safety Expo by joining The City of Calgary on Facebook or Twitter.  You can also subscribe to The City’s Blog and follow the #yycsafe hashtag year round to learn about safety initiatives and public events as they’re happening.  

Likewise, safety information is available any time on (search safety) and on the websites of our Safety Expo partners and exhibitors.