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Safety Expo


School Registration Now Open

Registration for Safety Expo 2015 is open from November 7 to December 1, 2014)

  • Attendees must be from grades 5 or 6.
  • Registrations must be from teachers/schools or homeschooling parents only.

Please use the online form to submit your information.

Safety Expo

Safety Expo is Calgary’s premier event aimed at promoting safe environments at home, school and play. 
The two-day event is hosted by The City of Calgary and its corporate and community partners. ENMAX Corporation sponsors the bussing of students to and from City Hall.

Safety Expo Event Details

On March 11 and 12, 2015, students in grades 5 and 6 will have the opportunity to explore and take part in 40 interactive displays and attend workshops designed to engage and educate them about making responsible decisions regarding their personal safety. 
  • Students in grades five and six (or equivalent age) only.
  • Only one registration per school will be accepted. 
  • Registrations from teachers or homeschooling parents only.
  • Please coordinate with principal and interested teachers.
  • We also welcome students enrolled in home schooling.

All activities are designed to have connections to Alberta Education Health and Wellness curricular outcomes. 

Safety Expo is an opportunity for school children to learn more about safety and injury prevention issues, as well as initiatives by The City of Calgary, corporations and non-profit organizations that address those issues.  Our vision is that through participating in this event, children and youth will internalize the skills and knowledge needed to ensure safe environments for themselves and others, thus improving quality of life for today and the future.

This year’s Expo will welcome 3,500 students, along with teachers and volunteers to the exhibits in the Municipal Building and workshops in the Calgary Public Library, Glenbow Museum and EPCOR Centre. 

Admission is free and bussing is paid for by ENMAX Corporation.

Safety Expo Planning and Hosting

       The planning and hosting of Safety Expo is a collaborative effort on behalf of Animal & Bylaw Services and the following organizations. We thank them and their representatives for their hard work: