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Park n' Play & Stay n' Play FAQ


FAQ’s for all programs

What if my child requires medication?

If your child requires medication, please administer outside program hours if possible. If your child requires medication during program hours, the parent/guardian must notify the program supervisor and complete a Medication Permission Form, which will be available at program locations through the program staff. Medications MUST be brought daily, in their original container, with a label indicating the type of medication, dosage, participant’s name, physician’s name, and any instructions staff may need to be aware of. Participants requiring Asthma inhalers and/or EpiPens must carry the items at all times in a safe and secure manner.

What if poor weather occurs during the program?

Calgary Neighbourhoods Community Summer Programs are outdoor programs that occur in community parks and greenspaces.  Parents/guardians may be asked to pick up their child/children with short notice in the event of inclement weather (lightning, heavy rain, high winds, etc). Indoor access may or may not be available at certain sites, therefore it is encouraged that parents/guardians check with the site staff at sign-in regarding inclement weather procedures.

FAQ’s for Park n’ Play & Stay n’ Play

Most information required for the Park n’ Play and Stay n’ Play programs can be found in the Park n’ Play & Stay n’ Play Handbook.

What activities will be led during the day?

We teach activities that can be played at home or on the playground after the recreation leaders have left for the summer. Activities include, Recyclable crafts, games, large group games, water games, singing songs and learning new skills. Electronic games are not encouraged (i.e. cell phones, iPads etc) and staff are not responsible for any lost items.

Are groups and/or daycares welcome?

The City of Calgary policy sets the ratios of City staff for all our programs to ensure a safe and quality experience for all participants. As a result we cannot accommodate day homes/day cares or any large groups at these programs due to the unpredictable nature of participants and the strain this places on staffing levels.

Is entry into a Park n’ Play or Stay n’ Play site guaranteed?

A limited number of participants can be accepted at Park n’ Play/Stay n’ Play sites each day to ensure proper ratios are maintained. Acceptance to the program is on a first come, first served basis.

Are there water/washrooms available?

There is always a washroom available, either a community hall or a port-a-potty will be on site. There is limited water for drinking, so participants should bring a filled water bottle.

Do parent’s stay?

For Park n’ Play programs (for children ages 6 Years and over), no parent’s do not need to stay. For Stay n’ Play programs (for children ages 3-5 years), Yes, a parent or guardian MUST stay and participate with their children.

When we arrive at the address listed, where exactly do we meet the program leaders?

Look for the big red tent! All our Park n’ Play and Stay n’ Play programs will set up a red tent in the park so that parents and children can easily locate the meeting space.

Youth Days

Youth Days are drop-in programs designed to provide youth aged 12-17 with the opportunity to learn activities, meet friends, and enjoy a fun, engaging, summer experience. This program is offered 2-4 days per week.

Do I need to sign my youth in and out every day?

As Youth Days programs are offered for participants aged 12-17 years, parents are not required to sign their children in and out of the program each day.  Recreation Leader staff on site are responsible for the participants during program hours only.

Does my child need to attend the entire program every day?

Since Youth Days programs are drop-in, youth can come and go from the program as they please.  Youth are required to sign-in when they arrive and to sign-out when they leave the program each day.