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Youth Employment Centre Services

YEC workshops

YEC can come to your youth group or school to conduct workshops such as:

  • Writing your resumé.
  • Preparing for interviews.
  • Creating a portfolio, and more.

For more information call 403-268-2490 or visit our website.

YEC programs

Did you know the Youth Employment Centre offers programs for specific groups? Visit our website for announcements about:

  • Project Protégé a mentorship program for designated post secondary students.
  • Discovering Your Opportunities a summer program for teen moms.
  • Jump $tart is for 15-16 year olds interested in developing employment skills.

For employers

YEC collaborates with hundreds of employers a year. Employers can:

  • Post jobs on our job board and feature in a partner spotlight.
  • Attend our hiring fairs.
  • Learn about attracting and retaining youth.
  • Provide a work experience or offer a job shadow / information interview.

Contact 403-268-2490 for your youth hiring needs

Group tours

To better understand the resources we have and services we offer, your group can have a tour of the Centre. For tours, or to register groups of 3 or more, an appointment is required. For more information, call 403-268-2490

YEC attendance at your fair

If you are interested in inviting our staff to attend your career, hiring, community or educational fair contact 403-268-2490.

Indigenous Youth Opportunities

A Liaison is available to meet with Indigenous youth to provide support, referrals, and connections to community resources around career, education, and employment.Indigenous Youth Workshops are offered throughout the year to provide youth an opportunity to connect with their culture and experience teachings including beading and the Medicine Wheel.