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About FCSS


Our vision
Calgarians working together to create and sustain a vibrant, safe and caring community.

Our mission
FCSS partners with community agencies, City business units and other funders, to fund preventive social services that support and enhance the lives of Calgarians.

FCSS program management
Community & Neighbourhood Services manages the FCSS funding program. Service planning and funding allocation are two primary roles of FCSS. FCSS collaborates with agencies and the community to align activities with demonstrated best or promising practices that increase protective factors and/or reduce risk factors.

For more information on funding and how to apply visit the Agency Resources page.

FCSS governance
The Standing Policy Committee on Community and Protective Services (SPC on CPS) reviews Administration's recommendations for FCSS funding allocation and policy development and forwards its recommendations to City Council for final approval. See the FCSS Policy for more details.

The Standing Policy Committee on Community and Protective Services

Mayor Naheed Nenshi, Mayor (Ex-Officio) Councillor Diane Colley-Urquhart, Member of Council (Chair)
Councillor Evan Woolley, Member of Council (Vice-Chair) Councillor Sean Chu, Member of Council
Councillor Gian-Carlo Carra, Member of Council Councillor Richard Pootmans, Member of Council
Councillor Brian Pincott, Member of Council

Councillor Jim Stevenson, Member of Council

The FCSS team comprised Social Planners who have been assigned to specific outcome areas, as well as Finance and Administrative supports. To contact one of the team members, please email us at

Barbara Schleifer – Social Planner Heather White – Social Planner
Bozena Ciechanska – Resource Assistant Jason Luan – Social Planner
Colleen Oliver – Administrative Assistant Menna Kebede - Team Lead
Elizabeth Schnitzler – Social Planner Paula Salter – Social Planner
Elizabeth Zator – Financial Coordinator Sharon Goulet – Social Planner
Robbie White – Social Planner Robyn Donald - Business Change & Process Specialist
Hadeel Qazzaz – Social Planner

FCSS Calgary Forum

The FCSS Calgary Forum provides an opportunity for FCSS staff, organization representatives, and other stakeholders to work together to increase the profile of FCSS in Calgary. The Forum amalgamates the former FCSS Advisory Committee and the FCSS Sustainability Forum to improve efficiency and reduce the burden on organizations who participated in both groups. The Terms of Reference for the FCSS Calgary Forum is included in the FCSS policy.

Krystyna Biel - Immigrant Services Calgary Geoff Braun - Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations
Ken Dropko - Government of Alberta Marty Hornstein - Jewish Family Services
Melanie Hulsker - City of Calgary - Prevention Investments (Co-chair) Menna Kebede - City of Calgary - Prevention Investments
Patricia Jones - Catholic Family Services (Co-chair) Jeff Loomis - Momentum
​Sue Mallon - Carya ​Sundae Nordin - Community Kitchen Program of Calgary
​Karen Orser - Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Calgary Brian Pincott - City of Calgary - Council / FCSSAA
Jim Pritchard - Hull Services ​Quentin Sinclair - Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association
​Deb Teed - FCSSAA ​Robbie White - City of Calgary - Prevention Investments