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FCSS Update – June to September 2016

FCSS Call For Funding applications

The 2016 call for funding applications closed on May 5. We received 190 funding applications totalling more than $24 million in requests. Our social planners have reviewed all applications and worked with external reviewers and subject matter experts prior to short-listing the applicants. All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their applications by the end of July. The 2016 FCSS Funding Recommendations will be presented to the Standing Policy Committee on Community and Protective Services Committee (SPC on CPS) on September 7 and to City Council on September 26.

Upcoming Multi-Year Funding Review Meetings

If your FCSS funding contract ends by December 31, 2016, your Social Planner will contact you to set up a funding review meeting to take place sometime between August 2 and September 16, 2016. If you haven’t heard from your Social Planner by now, please email

FCSS Policy Updates

  • City Council approved a number of updates to FCSS Council Policy (revised from 2011) to inform and guide the work of FCSS Calgary and its relationship with funded organizations. We strongly encourage you to review this policy.
  • As part of the updated FCSS Council Policy, we have combined the FCSS Advisory Committee and the FCSS Sustainability Forum into one new FCSS Calgary Forum. See the FCSS Council Policy and Terms of Reference for more information.

FCSS Social Sustainability Framework Evaluations

We are currently evaluating the FCSS Social Sustainability Framework which was originally launched in 2009. Partner organizations and other stakeholders will be invited to participate in consultations that will take place in September.
FCSS Agency Survey
We will send the FCSS Annual Agency Survey in early September. We use the results to continually improve our processes and how we work with you. Please take some time to complete the survey – our FCSS Calgary team appreciates your input.

Other Updates:


Business Recycling

As of November 1, 2016, all businesses and organizations, including not-for-profit organizations, will be required to recycle just like we do at home. More information and lots of helpful resources are available online at or by calling 311.

Help us increase Calgary Census response rates

The 2016 Census response rate for Calgary is low among urban singles and people who are less comfortable communicating in English. Census data is the basis for a variety of funding, policy and programming decisions so a high response rate provides a complete picture of Calgary’s population’s needs. If you work with the above populations, please encourage them to complete the Census. You can also contact Statistics Canada directly if you’d like to distribute this information at an event.

The “Census and You” document is available in a variety of languages. Anyone can also call the Census Help Line at 1-855-700-2016 if they need help completing the Census.

April to June 2016 updates

  • The application period for the 2016 Call for Funding Proposals is now closed. Please see the Call for Funding Proposals page for next steps.

  • The 2015 FCSS Annual Report is now available. If you would like a print copy, please contact us at

  • Looking for a good summary of the FCSS program to share with your members and stakeholders? See our summary about the value of FCSS Calgary and how Calgarians continue to benefit from FCSS-funded programs and services. If you would like hardcopies to share at upcoming meetings, please contact us at

  • Coming November 1, 2016, all businesses and organizations, including not-for-profit organizations, will be required to recycle just like we do at home. With businesses and organizations contributing over 1/3 of all the waste going to City landfills, giving Calgarians an opportunity to do the right thing and recycle at home, work or play will make a big difference. More information and lots of helpful resources are available online at or by calling 311.


March 2016 Update

  • The City of Calgary will be announcing a 2016 call for funding proposals for non-profit organizations operating within the Calgary city-limits by early April 2016. Information will be announced via all available City channels. Stay tuned.

January 2016 Update

  • During the 2016 January 25 meeting, Council unanimously approved the 2016-2018 FCSS funding recommendations. This action is a testament to the reach of FCSS in the community and the impact of the programs our partners deliver. Many thanks to all of you who continue to do such great work in strengthening our neighbourhoods and increasing social inclusion.
  • Key highlights of the 2016-2018 funding recommendations include:
    • Agencies approved for FCSS funding will receive their contracts in the mail shortly.
    • Agencies who currently have a multi-year contract will receive an email outlining the process for adjusting their budget.
    • All currently-funded agencies will see an 8.9 per cent increase to their base budget, which will be retroactive to 2015.

  • Thirty programs will see an additional increase (over and above the 8.9 per cent increase to base budgets).
  • FCSS Calgary will issue a Call for Proposals in Spring 2016 to allocate the additional provincial funds. More details to be shared in the coming months.
  • Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming 50th Anniversary community celebration of the FCSS program in Alberta and the release of the 2015 FCSS Calgary Annual Report. 

December 2015 Update

  • FCSS Calgary received an increase of $2.8 million, as part of the Government of Alberta’s 2015 Interim Supply budget announced in June. We plan to allocate these additional funds to our currently-funded partners through the regular 2016 funding recommendation process.
  • We will send our funding recommendation notice to our partners on January 4, 2016, and present them to our FCSS Calgary Board on January 15, 2016. If you anticipate being on holidays during this time, please ensure your delegates are aware of this timeline.
  • As part of Budget 2015 announced in October, the Government of Alberta announced an additional $15 million to the FCSS program province-wide. We anticipate receiving this increase before the end of the provincial fiscal year, which is March 31, 2016. FCSS Calgary partners will be able to access these funds through a call for funding proposals in 2016. We will provide more information about this process in the new year.
  • We received the 2015 Year-End Reports from currently-funded agencies in November. We will present our collective impact to the community in Spring 2016. Feel free to access the 2014 Annual Report.
  • Thank you to all our agencies for participating in the 2015 Annual Agency Survey. We will use the results to continually improve the FCSS Calgary Program.


Other Updates

  • The new Fair Entry process makes applying for fee-subsidized City services easier. One application allows Calgarians to have their income level assessed for all five subsidy available programs and services. For more information, visit or call 311.
  • The federal government plans to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada by 2016 February. For more information, visit the City’s website at
  • The Calgary Police has a new tool that will help officers dealing with emergencies involving people with a disability and are asking Calgarians that qualify to register. Calgarians can register by visiting the Calgary Police website.
  • Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) has created an emergency preparedness guide for persons with disabilities. The guide offers practical advice on how to prepare for an emergency or disaster if you have a disability, and provides guidance for those assisting others with a disability. Download the Persons with Disabilities Guide or call 311 to have one sent to you.
  • The Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (CCVO) and Emergency Preparedness Initiative of Calgary (EPIC) have launched a new website with resources to help your non-profit organization prepare for any emergency.