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FCSS Calgary

Social Sustainability Framework & Urban Indigenous Peoples

Family & Community Support Services (FCSS) in Calgary is a joint municipal and provincial funding program. Generally, the program concentrates on prevention, voluntarism, an 80-20 cost sharing partnership between the province and municipal partners, and enhanced local independence.

Social Sustainability Framework

The Social Sustainability Framework is the blueprint for FCSS investment decisions, funding practices, and social planning. For all aspects of its business, the City of Calgary also adopted a Triple Bottom Line policy that includes economic, social, and environmental characteristics. The Social Sustainability Framework aligns with this policy, but also focuses on social sustainability for FCSS.

History of the Social Sustainability Framework:

  • In September 2007, FCSS Calgary started a three phase process to develop a new funding framework. The goal was to develop a long-term, multi-year framework for community investment in order to ensure preventive and comprehensive impact in the community and sustainability for FCSS.
  • In 2008, the new Social Sustainability Framework was approved.
  • 2009 was a planning year for the implementation of the framework and funding priorities and the new funding priorities started to be applied in 2010.

Calgary Urban Indigenous Peoples

One of the vulnerable populations that the Social Sustainability Framework focuses on is Indigenous peoples. Increasing social inclusion for Calgary urban Indigenous families is important. This population includes "individuals and communities that have been affected by the multigenerational impacts of colonialism, such as the effects of residential schools."

These effects may include systemic racism and discrimination, resulting in chronic low income, high mobility, loss of culture, and other negative social indicators. Indigenous peoples include "First Nations (status, non-status and Bill C-31 individuals), Métis, and Inuit people."

For additional information on FCSS, or funding opportunities under the new framework, please contact: Indigenous Social Planner/Community Development Sharon Goulet at or go directly to the FCSS Calgary web pages.