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Neighbour Day - Picking up your block party barricade

​Once your Neighbour Day block party permit has been approved, you’ll be required to pick up your road barricades.

Pick-Up Dates and Times

Beginning on June 13, barricade pick-up is available Monday through Sunday at one of
our four depot locations.

The four depot locations are Confederation Park (2807 10 St. N.W.), Saddleridge (7315 40 St. N.E.), Haddon RD (340 Haddon Road S.W.) and 24 ST (5603 24 St. S.E.). There is a limited quantity of barricades at each location, however barricades can always be picked up at Spring Gardens (840 32 Avenue NE) during office hours. Barricades are on a first come, first serve basis at the depots.

If you are picking up your barricades from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on a weekday at
Spring Gardens, please go directly to the yard east of the Traffic Operations Building.

To ensure the safety of your neighbours in attendance, you are required to set-up two
road barricades at each end of your street. Please note: All barricades are eight feet in


Map of Calgary Transit Spring Gardens Complex

Returning Your Barricades

Following Neighbour Day, you are required to return your barricades to Transit Spring Gardens Complex or the Depot you acquired them from by June 24.

Individuals who do not return their barricades will be charged $160 per missing unit.


Barricade Delivery

If you would like your barricades delivered to your event by The City please make this request as part of your permit application.

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